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ispace Europe is seeking a highly motivated and talented Embedded Software Engineer to join the team and develop tomorrow’s lunar exploration technologies. The vision of ispace is to expand and sustain humanity’s presence in space by developing a lunar economy built on the resources available on the Moon. ispace Europe is the company’s regional office located in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe. We are creating the first lunar resource exploration service by developing ispace’s next generation rover that will prospect for lunar water and other resources. We are a small team, motivated by the challenges of the Lunar Frontier, and determined to achieve the company’s vision.
The Embedded Software Engineer will be responsible for driving the end-to-end definition, development, verification of the flight software for our rover products. The position requires a strong candidate exhibiting and practicing all the qualities expected of a skilled embedded software engineer: cross-functional mindset, intellectual curiosity, always looking for gaps and means to bridge them, problem solving, understanding of and collaboration with hardware team, and an understanding of the software development processes that result in quality software products. The candidate must be driven, continuously self-improving, and proud of her/his work.


  • Drive the development of highly reliable software for planetary rover systems
  • Design and implementation of software with identification, classification, and mitigation of risk capabilities
  • Articulate software requirements, architecture, and development approach based on customer needs and project resources
  • Develop software over the course of an entire project lifecycle, from conception all the way through to Integration and Testing, verification, and validation
  • Integration of modern-day technologies with regards to video encoding and decoding, image encoding and decoding, fault-tolerant networks, etc. through efficient and lightweight coding standards
  • Participation in technical reviews and providing leadership in terms of software development
  • Development and maintenance of internal project documentation
  • Communication and discussion of ideas with team members
  • Contribute to the ongoing internal projects of the ispace Europe office
  • Liaise with System Lead to ensure coherent definition of SW requirements based on system-level needs
  • Collaborate with Avionics engineers to ensure SW-HW compatibility
  • Support functional tests and verification activities at various design levels according to project needs


  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering or equivalent, with a minimum of 3+ years work experience in a professional software development environment
  • Experience with the following programming languages: C, C++, embedded C, Verilog, VHDL and Python
  • Experience with embedded processing platforms such as microcontrollers, microprocessors, FPGA, and/or MPSoC
  • Experience with Linux kernel development and driver development
  • Experience with RTOS and bare-smetal programing
  • Experience with Code Review Systems as well as Revision Control Systems
  • Must have worked on one or more architectures using different microprocessors and processors, often with real-time constraints and with linux environments
  • Familiarity with communication protocols: CAN, I2C, UART, SPI
  • Experience with hands-on lab work (including the use of scopes/logic analyzers, CAN tools, soldering irons, etc as needed to support integration).
  • Exhibit sound judgment and a deep understanding of system-level impact of software design choices
  • Be organized and capable of planning and executing complex technical work with little oversight
  • Be active within and promote further the multi-disciplinary and multi-national environment of the ispace Europe office
  • Exhibit professionalism, strong interpersonal communication, and organizational skills
  • Show initiative and a positive can-do attitude
  • Be comfortable and flexible with change and a fast-paced work environment


  • Has experience with frameworks for multimedia such as GStreamer, Video4Linux, and FFMPEG
  • Has experience with frameworks for robotic systems such as ROS, ROS2, MRPT, etc.
  • Has experience with development of rapid prototypes, test, troubleshooting, and repeat
  • Has experience with Atlassian’s suite of tools such as Confluence, Bitbucket, Crucible, and Bamboo

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