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JIS Q 9100 compliant Product Assurance suitable for our company in New Space Business, an integrator of satellite systems (Lander, Rover), and various experimental equipment (composed of Payload). A Plan (PA Plan) has been established, and the PA Plan applies standards such as ESA / NASA / JAXA, especially ECSS-QT-20 established by ESA, as necessary. You will be in charge of the engineer who promotes safety and quality assurance management work.

Key responsibilities

  • Products manufactured by our company, such as the lunar lander, are equipped with COTS products from domestic and overseas suppliers, or equipment that meets our requirements for COTS products. Our purchasing department (Supply Chain Management department) will take the initiative in selecting, ordering, delivering, and inspecting domestic and overseas suppliers, and we will receive support from the perspective of safety and quality assurance management work.
  • We also encounter defects in domestic and overseas Supplier products, our equipment and system manufacturing/testing, etc., but we have summarized the defect handling work and summarized it in the NCR (Non-Conformance Report), NRB (Non-conformance Review Board). Or, please carry out MRB (Material Review Board).
  • You will be responsible for coordinating the treatment of the Waiver and Deviation for the technical requirements.
  • Regarding the operation of our products, we will create a department that guarantees performance and safety and submit it to the company and the period that request it.

Basic Qualifications (Required Skills / Experience)

  • Experienced in safety and quality assurance management work in quality assurance related departments (understanding ISO9000 and AS9100)
  • Reading and writing English, conversation (conversation ability necessary for a business that does not interfere with business execution)
  • Native Japanese, living in Japan

Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills / Experience)

  • Being able to make full use of IT technology

Please attach your English CV when you apply for this position. (Japanese CV is optional)




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