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Avio is a leading company in space propulsion. The company offers competitive solutions for launching institutional, governmental and commercial payloads in Earth orbit through its Vega rocket family.

Avio is a leading space propulsion company , based in Colleferro , near Rome, Italy. The company offers competitive solutions for launching institutional, government and commercial payloads into Earth orbit through its Vega family of rockets. The experience and know-how acquired in over 50 years, currently allow Avio to compete with the top players in the segment of solid, liquid and cryogenic propulsion for space launchers and military tactical missiles.


The candidate is a brilliant aerospace/mechanical engineering graduate with experience in a specific role of at least 5 years.

The product engineer performs the following tasks:

  • Incorporates the requirements necessary for the definition of the propulsion system
  • Coordinates with detail designers to define the architecture and performance of solid propulsion systems for launchers and weapon systems following all phases of development and qualification, from preliminary design through production commissioning.
  • It supports the elaboration of technical documents relating to propulsion areas (technical specifications, interface specifications, test specifications, supporting dossiers, test reports, etc…).
  • Supports the design of propulsion system components, in particular: propellant grain, pressure casing, nozzle, thermal protections, safe&arm and equipment (wings, ducts, wiring, etc) verifying their impacts on the system architecture and performance.
  • Follows and supports the development and manufacturing of components made and/or developed by subcontractors with significant decision-making autonomy.
  • It supports the laboratories in the process of defining the materials involved in the propulsion system.
  • Collaborates with the bodies in charge of defining the technological aspects and reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Defines propulsion system development plans, coordinating activities and analyzing test results.
  • Defines and coordinates the project requirements verification and validation strategy (V&V), drawing up the requirements verification plan (DVP) and the conformity matrices (DRVM)
  • Participates in product reviews of the propulsion system and its components to decree its qualification, constituting the technical interface with the Customer.
  • Supports the management of the production process necessary to achieve the program milestones, analyzing the production plan, identifying critical paths and effectively managing the product
  • Manages the configuration of the product and its evolution through the exchange proposals, ensuring the consistency of the qualification status and evaluating the impact on its product of the exchange proposals originated by the customer.
  • Acts on the product with the aim of respecting cost targets and planning and analyzes production anomalies, interfacing with the technical team to establish their acceptability, defining corrective actions, presenting justifications to the customer and dealing with any exceptions associated with the support of the technical team
  • Interfaces internally with all corporate bodies (Design, Technologies, Factory, Laboratories, Quality, Logistics, Experimentation and Program) and externally in progress with the customer.
  • Prepares technical-economic proposals to the commercial body


Key specific skills:

  • Aerospace propulsion (thruster and system architecture).
  • Detailed knowledge of missile propulsion systems and related critical aspects.
  • Design/analysis of complex systems (propulsion and/or components).
  • Knowledge of the ballistic, structural and thermal aspects related to the operation of solid thrusters.
  • Knowledge of the development and qualification process of systems, subsystems and components in the tactical field.
  • Knowledge of the main international reference standards (MIL, STANAG/AOP, DEF STAN, ECSS).
  • Knowledge of the production process of solid propellant engines.
  • Knowledge of the process of preparing technical-economic proposals


– Master’s Degree in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering- Consolidated experience of at least 5 years in Product Design/Analysis/Engineering for complex systems and components for aerospace use- ENGLISH – Excellent

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