System Simulation Engineer

Company Details

We plan to save a billion people an hour a day

We are a rapidly growing team building mission critical software products supporting Joby Aviation’s vision to save 1 billion people an hour every day through electric powered flight. 

The Product Intelligence team is developing tools to model this new transportation system and ensure that it provides a real-world solution that is accessible and sustainable, and provides a clear value proposition for users and communities. Inventing new ways to move around. It is a formidable challenge when you consider the complex, interacting factors that need to be simultaneously optimized: flight performance, noise, airspace integration, weather, economics, fleet optimization, contingency management, all presenting their own set of constraints.


We are looking for a system simulation engineer to take on this task and build the path towards a real, large scale, Air Taxi service.


  • Hands-on experience with transportation or other complex system modeling
  • Experience with cost modeling or business analysis
  • Experience with optimization
  • Ability to run complex analysis, organize results in a digestible way, extract strategic insight and follow-on key questions
  • Ability to exercise engineering judgment in making simplifications or approximations to make a problem tractable
  • Proficient in Python
  • BS or higher


  • Experience with aviation
  • Familiarity with transportation mode choice modeling
  • Experience working with large datasets ; data scientist
  • Front-end, data visualization skills
  • Experience working with geolocation data
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