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We are on a mission to build the Internet in space.

Kepler is on a Mission to bring the internet to space. Incorporated in 2015, Kepler’s guiding star is to enable the space economy through the creation of a communication network in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) that will provide connectivity services to other space missions, be they on orbit in LEO, MEO, GEO, or beyond. With an expanding base of early customers and our first 15 satellites in orbit, Kepler is continuing to grow and expand its most important asset – the Team! Based out of our HQ in Toronto and with an office in the UK and a newly formed office in the US we are building towards a truly global company delivering a product for the whole world.

As a DevOps Engineer you will have the opportunity to develop a robust testing, release, and support infrastructure for the entire Kepler software stack. At Kepler, as we are continually scaling and developing new software and hardware products, development and operations of our test assets, network, and supporting infrastructure is imperative to the successful delivery of our mission to bring the internet to space.

You will have the rare opportunity to work with equipment you have likely never encountered before. With this goal in mind, experience in DevOps or similar fields is essential. Your input will play a critical role in the design and implementation of various DevOps service offerings to the rest of our team.

Option to work from home (100% remote) available.


  • Develop and maintain Kepler’s testing and development infrastructure which includes: engineering model satellites, proprietary modems, antennas, many more.
  • Enablement of “Infrastructure as Code” using best practices for a variety of hardware and adhering to standards established by the code base.
  • Adapt best practices to feedback from the various stakeholders.
  • Own the maintenance, automation, and scaling of our CI and CD infrastructure.
  • Maintain a variety of system deployments on Debian-based systems.
  • Support and provide management with metrics, reports, and schedules as necessary.
  • Develop tools for monitoring build systems, and measuring our infrastructure quality/uptime.
  • Improving efficiency of deployed systems (distributed builds, etc.).
  • Maintain consistency in both development, and production environments.


  • 3+ years of experience in DevOps or similar role (automation, sys-admin etc.).
  • Experience with network automation, E.g. automating routers, switches, DNS, DHCP.
  • Experience using an automation framework such as Ansible, Terraform, Chef, etc.
  • Ability to write clean and legible code in Bash, Python, Go, Rust, or similar.
  • Experience with containerization tools and VMs.
  • Experience using Git and ideally GitLab.
  • Solid understanding of infrastructure and security.
  • Experience in CI/CD methodologies, automation pipeline, workflows, and tools.
  • A GNU/Linux shell should feel like home.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with Ansible Tower/Awx, Ansible CMDB.
  • Experience managing an in-house cloud with VMware or similar.
  • Experience with metrics infrastructure such as Prometheus + Grafana.
  • Experience interfacing with RF hardware.
  • Experience with K8s.

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