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Content of job information:

The laboratory for Nanomaterials and Interfaces, IMCE in Kyushu University is looking for postdoctoral researchers.

The title of specially appointed assistant professor may be given depending on achievements.
Our group is studying about the interfacial phenomena between metals, metal oxides, semiconductors and soft materials in nanoscale. Our research target is not only to investigate new physicochemical phenomena on cutting edge of interdisciplinary field of science, but also to develop the new concept for future biotechnologies.

  • Development of bioimaging techniques using metal/semiconductor nanoparticles and their biomedical applications.
  • Experience of nanoscience such as synthesis of nanomaterials and surface plasmon resonance/metamaterials, nano-bio science, biomaterials, cell biology, or bioimaging are required
  • Skills for high sensitive surface analysis or high-resolution imaging techniques are highly appreciated.

Research field

  • Interdisciplinary science and engineering
  • Nano/ Micro science
  • Complex systems
  • Biomolecular science
  • Biomedical engineering

Job type:

  • Researcher/Postdoc level
  • Assistant Professor level

Employment status:

  • Full-time(Nontenured)
  • One year from the starting date (Renewal of appointment will be offered up to two years depending on the performance)


  • Applicants should hold a PhD in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, materials science, or closely related field.


  • Discretionary labor system for professional work.
  • The standard working hours for a day is deemed as 7 hours and 45 minutes.
  • The salary will be determined in accordance with the regulations of Kyushu University.

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