Project Associate Professor or Project Assistant Professor (Materials Engineering or Strength of Materials)

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Content of job information:

  • This position has been allocated in a national research project (Kakenhi) in which an adopted staff is expected to promote research projects with permanent staffs and graduate students in Kyushu University.

Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)

Synchrotron X-ray tomography is a relatively new technique in the materials science that were realized in the 21st century. It has been utilized for the various in-situ observations (4D) of material behavior such as deformation and fracture as well as the 3D observation of microstructures in materials interior.

This enables 4D observation with a high resolution level at which microstructural features are observable for relatively bulky specimens in aluminum and steels. In this study, world highest resolution/contrast available in the Japanese synchrotron radiation facility, SPring-8. Typical spatial resolution available in synchrotron radiation facilities had been long limited to 1 micron or so until a few years ago, which limits observable phenomena to rather mesoscopic ones.

In this project, we will apply the recently improved technique. We will also use a 3D XRD set-up at the same time with the X-ray imaging, by which transformation behavior is observed at the same time in situ. This advanced and multi-modal analyses is expected to reveal complex damage control due to deformation induced transformation.

Research field:

  • Engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Material engineering
  • Interdisciplinary science and engineering
    • Applied physics

Job type:

  • Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
  • Assistant Professor level

Employment status:

  • Part-time(Nontenured)
  • One year contract for two years at the longest


  • Dr. degree or a certificate of expected doctoral degree needed.
  • A researcher who is motivated to perform the above-mentioned research on the basis of the mechanical engineering and/or materials science and engineering.
  • Any nationality is acceptable.
  • We would rather welcome a person with a background of either materials strength, 3D imaging, hydrogen and materials, finite element methods, or applied physics.
  • A researcher who has experienced X-ray experiments such as synchrotron experiments is also welcome.


  • The university rule shall be applied. (Yearly contract system. Social insurance supplied. The outray of about JPY 5,500,000 from the laboratory at the maximum.)

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