Lead RF Design Engineer, Deep Space Radio Transponder

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  • 10-20 years experience. Must be able to work in EU.

Company Details

Bradford Space is a world-beating space systems group building non-toxic propulsion, space station facilities, deep space missions, and attitude control systems. Located in the U.S. (California), the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg, Bradford Space has a global presence.

We are looking for a candidate who can lead a small design team to specify, develop, test, qualify and initialise manufacture a low-cost deep-space radio transceiver and ranging transponder.

You will be an instrumental member of a small team building out a full avionics stack product. The operation is new, based in Luxembourg as a spin-off of Deep Space Industries (California) and Bradford Space (Netherlands). Our team in Luxembourg will be kept small (~10 people) and will focus on the single objective of building a reliable, performing, and mass-optimised flight avionics system for upcoming deepspace smallsats and landers. You would lead the development of a radio subsystem for this stack.

The operation will aim to be a blend of the responsible, high-quality engineering practises of Bradford while implementing the rapid iterative development methods and dynamic workplace culture of a NewSpace style startup.

Essential skills:

• Very strong background in radio design principles and underlying physics

• Proven track record of building and delivering working hardware prototypes and final products

• Extensive knowledge of available radio technologies, parts, processes and techniques

• Systems-level engineering skills, capable of making high-level engineering and economic tradeoffs

• Proficient English language skills

Strongly valued:

• Deep knowledge of the space environment, spacecraft radio systems, and the unique aspects of radio design in space • Effective ability to technically manage a small team (2-4 people)

• Understanding of space hardware quality standards and the qualification process

• Prior experience working with ground stations or ground segment equipment

• Familiarity with modulation schemes, encoding & SDR design aspects

• Practical knowledge of GaN-based MMIC amplifiers

• Awareness of presently commercially available space radio systems and an appreciation of customers’ needs when selecting and using a radio system • Build-for-test design, and hardware/software test campaign development & execution

• Build-for-manufacture design experience

Key responsibilities:

• Specify and setup radio engineering workshop

• Feasibility study and requirements generation

• Design, prototype, test and qualify radio system

• Deliver to manufacturing stage, within two years, a performing, qualified product

• Manage radio team & other resources

• Manage product programmatic aspects (schedule, risk, costs)

• Liaise with other avionics products teams to integrate with overall system

• Liaise with ground segment partner(s) for combined space/ground trade-offs

What we can offer in return:

We offer you the chance to develop a completely new radio system that will enable a new class of deep space missions.

An opportunity to be a key part of exciting missions to the Moon – and beyond – launching in the near future. You would take on an influential role in a new, revenue-generating company, with a mandate to focus on technical design and implementation on an aggressive development schedule featuring rapid hardware iterations. And, of course, the position is in Luxembourg, a beautiful, cosmopolitan and welcoming country at the heart of Europe, and carries a competitive salary and performance-linked benefits

Duty station: Belval Luxembourg, with occasional travel needed

We would usually expect candidates to have 10-20 years’ experience in a relevant field. The role is open to candidates of any age, gender, orientation, that have or can get work authorization within the EU.

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