Manager of Launch and Orbit Support

Company Details

Mapping satellites and space debris in low Earth orbit

LeoLabs is the world’s leading commercial provider of low Earth orbit (LEO) mapping and Space Domain Awareness (SDA) services. LeoLabs was founded in 2016 as a venture-funded spinout of Silicon Valley research pioneer, SRI International, by scientists and space industry veterans committed to securing Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LeoLabs is built on 30+ years of R&D in radar systems and satellite tracking algorithms.

The team is rapidly expanding its global radar network and data services platform to help satellite operators deploy their services safely and to empower governmental space agencies with detailed visibility into the LEO ecosystem. As commercial space ventures and newly-formed space agencies from every corner of the globe compete for their place in the second space race, LeoLabs is here to address a new generation of risks and opportunities to preserve LEO for future generations.

The Opportunity 

You will lead our growing Launch and Orbit Support team, responsible for providing support for our Launch and Early Operations (LEOP) products, support for our Orbit Determination systems, and other technical support to our Field teams, as required. You will interface with the Field, Orbit Determination, and Data Processing teams to ensure that short-timescale customer needs are met, while ensuring that tools are continually developed and improved to reduce toil in the future.
Using a combination of long-term tool development and rapid, short-term problem solving, you will be responsible for ensuring that the LeoLabs’ system is able to provide rapid and actionable:

  • Support during orbital launches;
  • Orbital states for all objects in LEO;
  • Measurements for high-priority targets;
  • Analysis of high-interest orbital events;
  • Support for LeoLabs other data products.


  • B.S. in Astrodynamics, Aerospace, Physics, or another technical field
    6+ years experience in Scientific or Engineering Data Analysis
  • 2+ years experience in managing a technical team
  • Significant, demonstrable experience using Python, C/C++, and/or Java
  • Demonstrated expertise in linear algebra and statistics
  • Demonstrated experience in the design, development, and deployment of data processing algorithms

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience with Statistical Orbit Determination
  • Experience with Satellite Operations
  • Experience in supporting a complex data pipeline

Within 1 month, you’ll:

  • Complete our onboarding program designed to get you up to speed on our business, vision and team
  • Be familiar with our growing Launch and Orbit Support team
  • Gain an understanding about how your team fits into LeoLabs broader organization
  • Ramp up on LeoLabs software stack

Within 3 months, you’ll:

  • Be leading the Launch and Orbit Support team
  • Have developed a plan for Launch and Orbit Support team growth for the next 12 months
  • Begin execution of your Launch and Orbit Support team hiring plan
  • Have learned how our current LEOP and Orbit Determination systems are supported
  • Be working with other teams to develop Service Level Indicators and Objectives
  • Be developing a support model for meeting Service Level Agreements
  • Be actively involved with the planning of future data product support architectures

Within 6 months, you’ll:

  • Be rapidly growing the Launch and Orbit Support team
  • Have led the team through multiple LEOP missions and data product support cases
  • Own data product support
  • Be interfacing with the Field teams to understand and address support cases
  • Be interfacing with the Data Processing and Orbit Determination teams to make plans for future support tool development
  • Complete a plan to support our Service Level Objectives and Agreements
  • Complete a plan for the continuing support of LeoLabs’ data products in conjunction with continued improvements in support processes

Within 12 months, you’ll:

  • Have grown the LeoLabs Launch and Orbit Support to be capable of supporting all of LeoLabs’ data products
  • Be leading the team to execute support of LeoLabs’ data products
  • Be leading the team to develop new tools to streamline support
  • Show measurable improvement in key Service Level Indicators
  • Contribute to proposals for LeoLabs in current and adjacent markets

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