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Mapping satellites and space debris in low Earth orbit

At LeoLabs, we’re driving generational change in the space industry. With our growing network
of phased-array radars and cloud-based processing system, we run the most advanced space
operations platform in the world.

We’re looking for a Senior SSA Solutions Architect to join our growing Commercial Space team.
In this role, you’ll directly support the adoption and successful implementation of LeoLabs
services for our customers’ satellite operations at scale, including enterprise customers (e.g.
large constellations) with complex operational requirements for spaceflight safety.

Duties include:

  • Support the growing list of satellite operators who utilize LeoLabs services operationally,
    from small startups to large constellations.
  • Provide technical management and guidance for customer accounts during periods of
    integration, development, testing, and transition into full operations.
  • Work with the Commercial Space team and Data Science, Software, and Product
    Management teams to convey customer requirements, priorities, and timelines to ensure
    their objectives are met from both technical and schedule perspectives.
  •  Provide systems-level monitoring and review of LeoLabs operational data products and
    processes for customer satellites to ensure performance matches customer expectations
    and requirements.
  • Provide technical writing support for creation of LeoLabs written materials to support
    sales, customer training, and other key activities. Examples include technical
    documentation on LeoLabs operational system architecture, instructional and reference
    materials for customer usage and training, proposal writing, and occasional technical
    guidance for creation of marketing materials.
  •  Clearly convey LeoLabs value propositions to key customers from an operations


  • Strong background in astrodynamics and space situational awareness
  • 5-7+ years experience in either of the following:
    • Satellite operations, especially with large constellations and/or systems
      employing high levels of automation
    • Commercial SSA data and systems, including leading roles in running space
      operations centers (commercial or government)
  • Experience with RESTful APIs and their implementation in mission operations systems
  • Familiar with space catalog maintenance, orbit determination and collision avoidance
    methods, ground-based sensor networks, and operational workflows for processing and
    disseminating robust space data products to end users
  • Experience in working directly with end customers in an external facing role that requires
    both technical and business acumen
  • Experience leading complex, multi-year projects in a project manager-type role
  • Exceptional organization, time management, and communication skills to keep track of
    and prioritize detailed customer requirements through all phases of a mission’s life cycle,
    including pre-launch planning, integration and test, operational deployment, sustainment,
    and end-of-life disposal.

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