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Company Details

Mapping satellites and space debris in low Earth orbit

LeoLabs is the world’s leading commercial provider of low Earth orbit (LEO) mapping and Space Domain Awareness (SDA) services. LeoLabs was founded in 2016 as a venture-funded spinout of Silicon Valley research pioneer, SRI International, by scientists and space industry veterans committed to securing Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LeoLabs is built on 30+ years of R&D in radar systems and satellite tracking algorithms. The team is rapidly expanding its global radar network and data services platform to help satellite operators deploy their services safely and to empower governmental space agencies with detailed visibility into the LEO ecosystem. As commercial space ventures and newly-formed space agencies from every corner of the globe compete for their place in the second space race, LeoLabs is here to address a new generation of risks and opportunities to preserve LEO for future generations.

The Opportunity 

At leoLabs, you will work with the software platform team and lead the Federal software team to build and operate the systems that provide Space Domain Awareness services to our mission partners. You will bring your expertise in the Classified Cloud Environment (C2E) and work cross functionally with our data science and radar hardware teams. You can expect to learn about working with data processing pipelines and building applications that serve the US Government leveraging significant pieces of our AWS environment to provide to unique classified mission needs worldwide. You should have awesome skills in building data heavy, distributed cloud applications, a keen desire to learn and work with a super smart team, and ability to autonomously lead a small cleared software team.


  • Active Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) clearance
  • Experience with C2S/C2E environment
  • Python and C++ are the key languages, but code versatility a plus
  • Ability to code but also architect in the classified environment to some degree
  • Lift and shift LeoLabs AWS required aspects to the classified environment while making improvements as opportunity allows
  • Ability to establish size of team required and lead the small cleared software team for LeoLabs Federal while supporting LeoLabs Corporate AWS development
  • Ability to work with LeoLabs Corporate software team remotely with some travel as deemed necessary to best learn the LeoLabs software environment
  • Support development of low to high data pipeline
  • Ability to work autonomously and with a small team in fast moving startup culture

Preferred qualifications 

  • Knowledge of space domain and detection/tracking of space objects
  • Knowledge of radar signal processing
  • AWS experience
  • Knowledge of GIT, Jenkins continuous integration and code verification tools, Docker containerization

Within 1 month, you’ll:

  • Complete our onboarding program designed to get you up to speed on our business, vision and team
  • Gain an understanding about how your role fits into LeoLabs broader organization
  • Start to understand and contribute to the core software team in the AWS environment

Within 3 months, you’ll: 

  • Goal is to have DD254 and path to on-ramping to classified environment by end of 2022
  • Learn LeoLabs AWS software baseline and support development to sufficient degree that you can lead a small team
  • With C2E knowledgeable support, start architecting high level approach to migration to C2E; as part of this, define size of team required to implement (I believe it will take a team of 3 plus SRE, but need that validated by the software lead)

Upon DD254: 

  • Create new API interfaces
  • Refine architecture and approach with full access and USG interface
  • Initial test migration to lift and shift an initial capability to the classified environment

Within the year, you’ll: 

  • Define and actively support hiring to build the cleared software team

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