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We are Loft. Our goal is to make space simple, affordable, and timely. Loft delivers the data customers want from space, whether it starts with their payload or an idea for a dataset. Loft has designed flexible satellite platform and operations module for multiple, varying instruments to reduce the time of satellite development, divide the launch and operations cost, and deliver high quality data to the customer. We are building a future where the cost and complexity of satellite programs are no longer barriers to accessing the benefits of space-based data. We are globally-minded, and obsessed with delivering true value to our customers. Our people have a track record of rising to the occasion and carrying projects from start to finish under intense pressure. We are endlessly passionate about our work and we are hell bent on creating a revolutionary new model for accessing space, and building the most diverse constellation in history. Join us at Loft to make space easier done than said.

About Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Toulouse, France. Our mission is to make space simple for our customers: we operate microsatellites and fly customer payloads onboard, as a service. Our standard interface and software products reduce the complexity and shorten the lead time our customers typically face in deploying assets in orbit.

Our unique business model is redefining how businesses and governments access space and use it to collect information and intelligence about the world. We have grown our customer base quickly and have our first two first satellite missions launching in 2020. Soon after, we will offer a regular cadence of quarterly launches.

Following our recent $13M Series A funding round, we established a European office in Toulouse to develop key technologies such as a digital platform for better designing, integrating, and operating satellites in orbit.


As a member of the new R&D center in Toulouse you will be in charge of developing several web applications around a centralized datalake that aggregates data from design, assembly, test and in-orbit operations.

This will serve as a foundation for developing a large range of applications to smooth and optimize the different phases of satellite engineering and operations.


  • Develop web applications and API
  • Support technologies selection
  • Support technical screening of candidates to join the development team
  • Support technical decisions with the San Francisco software team
  • Frequent interactions with Product Owner

General Role Requirements

  • Advanced JavaScript (>ES6), CSS and HTML skills
  • Advanced experience with js/ Vuex or React / Redux
  • Familiarity with the SASS or LESS preprocessors
  • Thorough knowledge of build systems (Webpack)
  • Mocha / Jest / Selenium …
  • Familiarity with authentication mechanisms (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, etc.) and associated concepts (JWT, …)
  • Experience using WebSocket
  • Comfortable with Docker containers
  • Version control (git) and continuous integration tools (GitLab CI, Jenkins, Travis CI, …)
  • UI / UX Experience (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch)
  • Deep understanding of the MacOS / Linux concepts

Nice Skills to Have

  • Experience with Typescript
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • Knowledge of libraries like OpenLayers, Leaflet, Three.js, Cesium.js, Node.js, Express.js, D3.js …
  • Used to working with Agile methods

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