Aerospace Software Engineer

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Aerospace Software Engineer

As a core member of our satellite operations team, you will have the unique opportunity to directly control satellites that collect mission-critical data feeds for our customers.

Loft Orbital is pioneering a new framework for operating satellites at scale. You will help us develop powerful software to autonomously operate a fleet of satellites carrying multiple sensors onboard, and ensure ongoing mission success through effective mission planning, simulation, and analysis.

We are looking to hire a few team members in this area, so meeting every requirement below is not necessary. However, candidates must meet the requirements of at least one of the below areas to be considered for this role.

Role Requirements

  • Must be scrappy and inventive: what you will be building has never been done before.
  • Be prepared to be challenged and sometimes work out of your comfort zone.
  • Enjoy working collaboratively on a small team and building large chunks of a system.
  • Willingness to be accountable, autonomous, and take full ownership of projects.

Satellite Simulation

  • Python (3+ years experience)
  • C++ (>= 11)
  • STK / GMAT
  • numpy / pandas
  • Mathematics (3D geometry, integration techniques, …)
  • Physics (LOS, power, thermal, flexible structure modeling, …)
  • ADCS (maneuvering, guidance profile generation)
  • SIL / HIL experience
  • Networking (TCP / UDP)
  • Linux / macOS / Windows
  • MATLAB / Simulink

Mission Planning

  • Python (3+ years experience)
  • C++ (>= 11)
  • Mathematics (problem formulation, …)
  • Optimization techniques (continuous / discrete)
  • Linux / macOS / Windows
  • STK
  • numpy / pandas

Mission Control

  • Python (3+ years experience)
  • numpy / pandas
  • Experience operating a fleet of micro-satellites
  • Hardware automation
  • Telemetry analysis
  • Link budget analysis (interference, satellite pointing error, ground segment performance, …)
  • RF / Antenna concepts familiarity (directivity, efficiency, noise figure, …)
  • CCSDS (data link layer, packet layer, associated protocols)
  • Networking standards (IP, UDP, TCP, …)
  • Linux / macOS
  • C++ (>= 11)

Orbital Mechanics

  • Masters / PhD in Aerospace Engineering
  • Python (>= 3)
  • numpy / pandas
  • Mathematics (integration techniques, Bayesian statistics, …)
  • Physics (ephemeris handling, perturbation modeling)
  • State estimation (EKF / UKF / …)
  • Orbit determination and maneuver analysis
  • Access computation
  • Propellant budget estimation
  • Maneuver planning (chemical and electric propulsion systems)
  • Stationkeeping analysis
  • Constellation geometry management and optimization
  • Linux / macOS / Windows
  • STK / GMAT
  • MATLAB / Simulink
  • C++

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