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How will you contribute?

  • The ECPR technology is an electrochemical lithography technique able to print micro/nano metallic structures over silicon wafers in one step. In this technique, a mold, called a master, is composed by patterned microcavities. The master is electrochemically prefilled with the metal to be transferred and then puts in contact with a substrate on which the pattern transfer or print has to be done. Before contact, an electrolyte is delivered onto the substrate. After contact, the print is triggered thanks to an electroplating reaction transferring the metal content of the master microcavities onto the substrate. The technology has been validated with copper.
  • The objective of the internship is to contribute to the process development for the fabrication of ECPR masters. The ideal duration of the internship should be 6 months.
  • In this context, the candidate will have the opportunity to work in the LIST clean-room facilities (ISO4-ISO5) with state-of-the-art micro/nano fabrication equipment. He will use laser photolithography, E-beam metal evaporation, Inductively Couple Plasma-Reactive Ion Etching and/or Deep Reactive Ion Etching (ICP-RIE-DRIE) and usual characterization technics (Scanning Electron Microscopy, profilometry, …). Additionally, the candidate may be involved in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and/or electroplating activities.


  • You are an undergraduate student (Master 2) with knowledge in material sciences and/or nanotechnology. Work experience in cleanroom and microfabrication technics is strongly recommended.
  • On top of that you are fluency in English and/or French (spoken and written).You’re the one we’re looking for!


Your LIST benefits

  • An organization with a passion for impact and strong RDI partnerships in Luxembourg and Europe that works on responsible and independent research projects;
  • Sustainable by design, empowering our belief that we play an essential role in paving the way to a green society;
  • Innovative infrastructures and exceptional labs occupying more than 5,000 square metres, including innovations such as our Viswall, high-scale incubators and top of the range 3D/4D printings that are part of our toolkit for excelling in all we do;
  • Multicultural and international work environment with more than 45 nationalities represented in our workforce;
  • Diverse and inclusive work environment empowering our people to fulfil their personal and professional ambitions;
  • Gender-friendly environment with multiple actions to attract, develop and retain women in science;
  • 32 days’ paid annual leave for a full time internship, 11 public holidays per annum, flexible working hours,
  • An environment encouraging curiosity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all areas.

Application procedure and conditions:

LIST is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to hiring and retaining diverse personnel. We value all applicants and will consider all competent candidates for employment without regard to national origin, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion, age or disability; 

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until the position is filled; 
An assessment committee will review the applications and select candidates based on guidelines that aim to ensure equal opportunities; 

The main criteria for selection will be the correspondence of the existing skills and expertise of the applicant with the requirements mentioned above.

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