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About Lynk:

Lynk is a space communications venture with a novel idea for a constellation of small satellites dedicated to telecommunications services. Founded by experienced commercial space entrepreneurs, the company is looking for a Satellite Flight Operations Engineer who can support the operations of the Lynk satellite and telecommunications network.

Job Summary:

As a Satellite Flight Operations Engineer at Lynk, you will wear many hats in the world of satellite control and telecommunication network operations and will be expected to perform a wide variety of highly skilled tasks, including satellite flight operations, mission planning, data processing, anomaly resolution, etc. This includes routine operational tasks on the satellites and ground systems, special activities in response to non-nominal conditions, off-line support functions, together with first-level troubleshooting and anomaly resolution of the satellites and ground system. You will participate in the initial deployment and check out of each satellite and its transition to normal daily operations. You will also participate in developing scripts and procedures that result in a highly automated environment where the Satellite Flight Operations Engineer focuses on the supervision and monitoring of automated procedures rather than in their manual execution. Additionally, you will support spacecraft design for future satellite missions as it relates to operations and operational automation/efficiency. This position is part of a team supporting real-time operations, monitoring, and command and control of the Lynk satellite constellation and telecommunications network at the Lynk Mission Operations Center and may require off-hours in a 24-hour multi-satellite operations environment.

Core Responsibilities:

Because Lynk is a small company, the Satellite Flight Operations Engineer will perform work across many satellite operations domains including mission design, flight dynamics, attitude determination and control, navigation, power management, and other satellite subsystems. Specific activities include:

  • Participate in mission design, flight dynamics, and navigation analyses that develop orbit and attitude determination solutions, maneuver planning, and other mission planning products.
  • Create, review, and validate real-time satellite commanding plans required for routine operations and anomaly resolution activities.
  • Execute scheduled commands on the satellite and ground systems in accordance with procedures, operational notes, and the daily activity schedule.
  • Use telemetry to verify all satellite commands sent were correctly executed and resolve any issues that arise.
  • Perform real-time satellite state of health evaluation, trending, and analysis for satellite sub-system engineering troubleshooting, and assist in resolving issues.
  • Monitor ground systems to verify operational status, detecting and reporting anomalous conditions that could adversely affect operations.
  • Support the engineering team in investigations and data gathering in response to routine, anomalous or non-routine events on the satellites or ground systems.
  • Support the engineering team by providing insights into enhanced satellite designs (hardware, software, or system level) that will improve future operations.
  • Upload satellite software updates and verify the integrity of all products and commands sent to the satellite.
  • Perform accurate, timely, and descriptive satellite and ground system event logging and provide a daily report on satellite health and performance.
  • Work with remote ground station personnel to ensure that real-time activities conducted by them are consistent with operational requirements and authorizations.
  • Participate in developing and testing new manual and automated procedures and validate them using the satellite simulator in the development environment.
  • Support updates/changes to operations checklists, procedures, and/or software tools.
  • Support continued evolution of the Concept of Operations for satellite and related ground systems as the Lynk satellite constellation expands.
  • Support the design, planning, and conduct of satellite operations testing prior to satellite launch.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
  • 5+ years of experience, or equivalent work experience in a satellite or network operations environment.
  • Knowledge of spacecraft flight dynamics, navigation, astrodynamics, and trajectory design techniques is desired.
  • Experience with General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) or other related mission design and trajectory analysis software systems is desired.
  • Familiarity with software development and programming skills is desired.
  • Must be good with computers. Fluent in Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Very capable with Microsoft Office (Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Word).
  • Must be able to work independently and in a team environment.
  • US Citizenship or Green card required.

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