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Serving the world from our Canadian home and our global offices, MDA is an international space mission partner and robotics & space operations, satellite systems and geointelligence pioneer with a 50-year story of firsts on and above the Earth. Today, we’re leading the charge towards viable Moon colonies, enhanced Earth observation, communication in a hyper-connected world, and more.

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We’re on the hunt for a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Professional on our Satellite systems team at our Montreal office.

As the leading global independent commercial supplier of antennas, payloads, and electronics for communication and radar satellites, our team has successfully contributed to hundreds of missions in the past 60 years. With an extensive heritage in a wide range of solutions delivered to customers globally, our Satellite Systems team continues to grow and evolve on the ground and in the stars.

We’re a dream team of purpose-driven, collaborative and passionate people, and we are constantly looking for others to join #TeamMDA to ignite new and innovative approaches to problem-solving that push us forward to improve life on and above Earth. If you’re excited to expand our place in space and driven to inspire the next generation, we’ll take you there.

We have entered a new era of exploration and development, and MDA welcomes all who yearn to suit up and be part of it. An equal opportunity employer prizing diversity, integrity and collaboration, we are committed to growing MDA’s and Canada’s leadership in this next golden age.

The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Professional will report to a senior DSP Professional and will be responsible for the documentation and design of algorithms for electronic communication units such modulators, demodulators, reconfigurable and/or frequency hopping radios, regenerative space processors, etc.


  • Modify, adapt or conceive algorithms
    • Implement algorithms in tools such as Matlab or Simulink
    • Simulate/test algorithms by injecting appropriate stimulus
    • Ensure the simulation outputs correspond to what is expected
    • Adapt algorithm to be implementable by FPGA/ASIC engineers
    • Document the algorithm
  • Support laboratory investigations.
  • Suggest algorithms that are or adapt them for the need.



  • Electrical Engineering (EE) or equivalent Master degree (PhD is a plus)
  • Three (3) to eight (8) years of experience designing simulation models for communication sub-systems
  • Knowledgeable about
    • Digital signal processing: FIR filters, IIR filters, multirate signal processing, correlation, FFT/IFFT, channelization methods
    • Digital communication theory: carrier synchronization, symbol timing synchronization, channel modelling for impairments, modulation/demodulation, error control encoding/decoding techniques, etc
  • Some knowledge of VHDL/Verilog coding, synthesis, verification and related documentation
  • Some knowledge of fixed-point design
  • Proficient with Matlab
  • Strong inter-personal skills and an ability to work well in a team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Knowledge of Synplify, Modelsim, Xilinx Vivado and Actel Designer
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux environment and script languages (CShell, Tcl)

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