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For those who dream of advancing our space in the Universe and on Earth, we’ll take you there.

MDA is an international space mission partner and robotics & space operations, satellite systems and Geointelligence pioneer with a 50-year story of firsts on and above the Earth. Today, we’re leading the charge towards viable Moon colonies, enhanced Earth observation, communication in a hyper-connected world, and more.

We’re fueled by a pioneering spirit that carries us beyond. And together we enable highly skilled people to continually push boundaries and tackle big challenges requiring solutions that endure and inspire.

For more than four decades, human spaceflight has been supported by advanced robotics developed by MDA.  We have combined complex robotics with control software to develop the Space Shuttle’s mission critical, robotic arms and the Mobile Servicing System (MSS) for the International Space Station (ISS). Today, MDA is developing sophisticated systems for new projects such as an artificial intelligence-enabled robotic system to assemble and maintain a lunar staging outpost orbiting the moon enabling future exploration missions, human lunar landings, missions to explore Mars and on-orbit servicing of satellites.

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The Position:

We’re on the hunt for a Mission Systems Engineer on our Robotics & Space Operations team at our Houston, TX office. As a Mission Systems Engineer you will support on-going robotic operations on the International Space Station. Providing real-time engineering flight support as well as supporting the development of Gateway External Robotics System (GERS).  This is a diverse role that will have you working with key stakeholders – while participating in a number of ISS & Lunar Gateway forums, panels, working groups and boards onsite at Johnson Space Center:

  • MSS Flight system following, tracking and performance monitoring at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) Mission Evaluation Room (MER)
  • Preparing MSS engineering shift reports during mission operations
  • Supporting development of MSS operations products
  • Supporting post mission and system trending analysis
  • Integrate with, and data mine from, other MER console team members in support of MSS on-orbit operations and On-orbit Off-Nominal/Anomaly investigations
  • Provide engineering support for simulations including Joint Integrated Simulation (JIS) in preparation for ISS flight and planned specialized MSS robotic operations
  • Support ISS MER process/operations improvement activities
  • Integration and testing of space robotics and mechanisms simulations within the simulation environment at JSC
  • Developing, executing and documenting simulation tests as well as analyzing and validating simulation responses, documenting and resolving model issues, developing and documenting simulation requirements.
  • Helping to define the Extra-Vehicular Robotics (EVR) services to Gateway including external logistics, maintenance, inspection, assembly/reconfiguration, and support to external science payloads
  • Providing preliminary systems engineering, integration advice and oversight on Gateway EVR

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in either Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or Applied Mathematics
  • Two or more years of post-graduate professional experience in a similar position is preferred
  • Knowledge of robotic systems and MSS operations is an asset
  • Familiarity with Matlab/Simulink and Unix-based operating systems would also be a benefit

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