Mechanical Systems/GSE Operations Engineer

Company Details

Virgin Galactic (VG) is on track to become the world’s first publicly traded Spaceline. It is dedicated to becoming a world leader in sub-orbital commercial space tourism with a longer term vision to develop orbital flights for space tourism and other commercial applications. VG is seeking an industry leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by innovation and collaboration with emphasis on forward thinking.

Our Values

Virgin Galactic has a relaxed and informal culture that encourages individuality and innovation. You will be motivated, enterprising and enthusiastic. Company culture is such that you need to be able to “check your ego at the door”, be a self-starter, and possess a sense of humility. You will work well under commercial pressure and thrive on being given challenges and responsibility. You will communicate clearly and be confident and persuasive. You will have a high level of integrity and understand the need of complete confidentiality.

Who you are

This experienced, hands‐on Mechanical Systems Engineer for the SpaceShipTwo (SS2) space vehicle and/or WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) mother ship vehicle and associated Ground Support Equipment (GSE) will coordinate mechanical systems engineering efforts related to the flight testing, operational implementation, documentation, FAA Part 400 licensing, modifications management and issues resolution of the SS2 and/or WK2 vehicles and GSE. Qualified candidates should have a strong technical background in aerospace or aviation mechanical systems and flight controls, as well as composite structures and/or aviation/aerospace ground support equipment. In any of these roles the person in this position may be asked to provide day to day direction to operations technicians.

Your Mission

  • Oversee and manage the development, implementation, testing, and integration of the SS2 and/or WK2 vehicles for mechanical systems, to include Flight Control Systems, Landing Gear, Brakes, and GSE.
  • Work closely with VG maintenance management and TSC/VG engineering to maintain vehicle/GSE functionality and to improve systems, processes, and operations for SS2 and WK2 mechanical systems.
  • Coordinate the engineering activities between the various engineering specialties within the product team.
  • Track, manage and mitigate the mechanical systems engineering risks.
  • Ensure all customer product requirements are met.
  • Conduct tests and/or missions support from the Mission Control Center for mechanical systems as required.

General duties include:

  • Coordinate and/or integrate with VG systems engineers and counterpart TSC designers on modifications and/or design change proposals for SS2 and/or WK2 systems.
  • Review and propose concepts for redesign recommendations based on operational experience, reliability, maintainability, etc. on SS2 and/or WK2 systems.
  • Review and approve technical publications. Propose modifications where appropriate. Includes:
  • Review and approve repair manuals for mechanical systems. May author portions as appropriate.
  • Approve and/or review disposition for component removals and replacements.
  • Author and/or approve mechanical system anomaly troubleshooting dispositions.
  • Author and/or approve mechanical systems Work Instructions/Engineering Reports.
  • Develop and remain technical authority for assigned Flight Rules, Launch Commit Criteria, and Required Equipment List (REL) items, and how they interact for SS2 and/or WK2 systems.
  • Manage and implement process to make real-time decisions and/or issue waivers to hazard reports, flight rules, launch commit criteria, and REL items for SS2 and/or WK2 systems.
  • Provide mission control room systems engineering support in real time during the mission to monitor systems performance and recommend corrective actions on issues.
  • Coordinate post flight data analysis functions, including continued development of system health monitoring and reliability data for more established systems
  • Integrate analysis of tear down and failure reports for failed vendor components (if available)
  • Communicate reliability data/recommendations back to TSC designers.

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