Ground Station Operations Engineer

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  • As a Ground Stations Operations Engineer you will concentrate your activities on the following:
  • Participation in any necessary meetings, anomaly review boards, other system and facility ARBs as required, the ECP Review Board, Ops planning meetings and scheduling meetings and team coordination meetings;
  • Coordinating the service with other Service Providers in the company;
  • Preparation of technical notes on subjects related to Ground Stations operations and evolutions;
  • For operational procedure (SCPs, GCPs, Ops Guide) development and maintenance:
  1. Ensure that all aspects of EPS Ground station operations are correctly reflected in the EPS procedure sets and the EPS Ground Stations Operations Guide;
  2. Maintenance of the Operational Ground Databases;
  3. Definition and implementation of validation tests as necessary for updates to any procedures for which the Consultant is assigned as book captain;

Additionally, the successful candidate will coordinate Ground Stations operations, maintenance upgrade and anomaly investigation activities with relevant team members and external contractors; also, provide inputs and contribute to the analysts to ensure that the controllers are trained in the relevant aspects of ground station operations (and when necessary provide direct training).

You will support your team by providing expertise for the analysis and design of the obsolescence upgrade of the ground Stations and co-ordinate the deployment and validation from the operations side; providing expertise for all stages of systems and software upgrades, in coordination with other teams.

As a part of your tasks will also be provision of expertise to the on-site periodic maintenance at Svalbard as required and maintenance of System-level documents.

You will provide On-Call service as Ground Stations Operations engineer if needed (not expected in this Work Package); participate in G/S Teams activities, roles and interfaces definition; provide backup to the Ground Stations Operations (GEO) Engineer as required and also, review documentation and provide inputs to future projects such as EPS-SG, MTG, JCS, Metop A EOL plan, CDA future operational scenarios analysis.

Among other tasks are the following:

  • Further analysis of the autotrack capabilities of the CDAs following the ACU upgrades and informing other teams of the results;
  • Review of and updates to EPS-SG documentation (concentrating on ground station operational aspects);
  • Define and maintain operational documentation for EPS-SG (ROP, OICDs, OPS Guides, OPS Procedures, OSV, etc.);
  • Participation in EPS-SG reviews and test campaigns as required;


  • At least eight years’ experience in a real-time spacecraft operations environment;
  • At least eight years’ experience in the routine operations of large and complex ground stations – preferably in an earth observation environment;
  • Experience of the preparation and use of operational procedures, databases, displays and documentation.

Experience of the following would be an advantage:

  • Experience in the operations preparation and routine operations of Geostationary (‘GEO’) and/or Low Earth Orbit (‘LEO’) satellite systems;
  • Experience of document management and configuration control processes;
  • Experience of development and upgrades within a 24/7 operations environment;
  • Experience in defining user interfaces for operations (HMI, reports, etc.);
  • Experience in the configuration and/or use of Space Link Extension (SLE);
  • Experience in the use of Dataminer.
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