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  • Identification of networking customer, user, or business needs. Identification, extraction/collection, analysis & consolidation – e.g. extraction of required data flows and specification of their characteristics.
  • Specification, set-up and running of Proof-of-concept / prototype (in lab environment).
  • Detailed specification of design and/or solution, incl. detailed roll-out plan.
  • Specification of Integration, Verification and Testing procedures.
  • Roll-out planning and scheduling (migration/integration, validation)
  • Leading network solution’ deployment activities, in coordination with customers and peers.
  • Provide cross-team presentation and training on network infrastructure and service developments and deployments.
  • Install and configure network equipment.
  • Perform Integration, Verification and Testing.
  • Perform the hand-over to production and support the customer/user validation
  • Provision of standby/call-out support and first line troubleshooting following an agreed rota.
  • Contribute to specification and update of network systems, services and solutions road-map and strategy.
  • Contribute to procurement of network systems and services (provide equipment specification and costs estimation, provide service specification, compile detailed equipment lists, perform evaluation and comparison of offers on service and/or equipment, contribute to supplier negotiations).
  • Contribute to procurement documentation, e.g. requirements specifications and statements of work.

Key tasks have been identified as follows:

  • Contribute to the migration to a replacement WAN link between EUM HQ and the various off site locations
  • Contribute to the migration of existing operational program-specific and shared facilities from their current legacy networks to the consolidated network infrastructure at EUM HQ
  • Upgrade the EUMETSAT networks in remote sites, incl. Madrid/E, Longyearbyen/Svalbard/N, Fucino/I as well as the WAN links connecting the remote sites to the EUM HQ
  • Contribute to the development and deployment of network solutions for the future satellite programs ground infrastructure
  • Develop an understanding of the existing network monitoring and reporting capabilities, with a view to establishing a road-map for the implementation of more developed real-time performance monitoring and reporting solution


  • 5+ years experience in Network and Systems Engineering
  • Experience of network engineering in such environments throughout its life-cycle, from identification of needs to deployment and operations.
  • Experience of carrying out (specifying, preparing, planning and executing) network engineering activities, including their coordination and technical guidance, working with other engineers within and outside the team involved in the activities, and with the customers/users and other stakeholders.
  • In-depth knowledge of Cisco technology and solutions for these environments.
  • Experience of interacting with suppliers of network products and service providers as part of network infrastructure, services and solutions development and deployment.
  • Experience of configuring and operating network management and monitoring systems such as Netbrain or SolarWinds. Ability to automate network routine monitoring and maintenance tasks.

​​​​​​​In addition, knowledge and hands-on experience with the following is considered very desirable:

  • MS-Visio application.
  • Demonstrated capability of technical authoring (structure/organisation of concept, design, and test specification documents, and of creating and working with technical network diagrams (Visio)).
  • Voice Loop Systems (VLS) solutions based on VoIP.
  • It will be considered beneficial if the key person holds a current Cisco certification or is able to substantiate equivalent experience.
  • The variety of the tasks and the scope of the systems to be supported require a high degree of autonomy and good analytical skills.

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