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Our client is responsible for setting the rules, guidelines and standards for all safety and environmental aspects of civil aviation. They monitor, research, and innovate to create safe air travel for us all and improvements to mitigate the environmental impact of aviation.


  • Liaise with spacecraft and mission operations engineers as well as staff on duty at other support units, ground stations and external Agencies to establish and continuously maintain a comprehensive overview on the availability of and the demand for utilization of resources provided by the ground segment facilities.
  • Supervise and coordinate scheduled support activities.
  • Schedule Ground Stations and OCC facilities in real-time (outside normal working hours).
  • Respond immediately to any anomaly affecting operations; relevant procedures shall be initiated and 1st line maintenance activities executed as required in order to restore operations. Document and track anomalies, call out 2nd/3rd party support/escalate and follow-up on incident resolution.
  • Act as the first line of contact for users of critical systems.
  • Provide 1st line computer and network support to all eligible users – including incident, problem, change request and user request/complaints handling.
  • Actively monitor all operational IT systems, applications and networks and react immediately on potential issues or outages by:
  • Logging and escalating incident tickets according to the procedure;
  • Identify the impacted services/users and inform all relevant parties;
  • Initiate incident resolution or mitigating actions to restore the service asap;
  • Call out/escalate to 2nd line support or external providers according to the procedure;
  • Follow-up on incident resolution/progress and inform interested parties of the status;
  • The operation, fault finding and repair on the network and on active network components (CISCO) using Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols and by logging on/commanding active network components.
  • Provide round the clock cover in a rotating shift pattern, with adequate information handover between shifts.
  • Be able to create and maintain a log of all relevant activities and events.
  • Note: This is a 24/7 position – candidates must be able to work rotating shifts.


  • Past experience with remote operations of a network of unmanned satellite ground stations or with local operations and maintenance of a manned satellite ground station.
  • Have an interest and in coaching/training other staff members and to have the ability to complete the task to the right standard
  • You should have some knowledge of VMS, Unix, Console Works, NetBackup, CD-ROM production, Cisco Works, HP-OV, CISCO Firewalls, QIP, MS Windows operating systems, ITSM tools.
  • A good understanding of IT security concepts, technology, and best practices.
  • Knowledge of ITIL, certification a plus.
  • Knowledge of, or proven ability of linear fault-finding, diagnosis, and resolution methodology.

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