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As a Ground Segment Engineer, your job is to support the Flex PDGS sub-systems Technical officer for the procurement of the sub-systems dedicated to the data processing chain, including the processing orchestrator and the Level 0 processor, and for the integration of higher level processors into the chain. The support is intended to be provided from phase B2 to phase E1 and possibly during phase E2.

Role Responsibility

The activity of the Work Package will be based on the following Flex input:

  • PDGS System Requirements Document.
  • PDGS Design documentation.
  • PDGS Operations Concept Document.
  • Interface Control Documents.
  • PDGS Integration and Validation Plan.
  • Ground Segment Validation Plan.
  • PDGS Commissioning Implementation Plan.
  • Mission CFIs documentation and software.

Activity output

The following deliverables are expected:

Contribution to PDGS sub-systems management documentation (Plans, SoW, Reports, etc.).Contribution to PDGS design documents.

  • PDGS Sub-Systems Requirements Documents.
  • Contribution to PDGS Integration, validation, and commissioning documentation.
  • Contribution to preparation of PDGS sub-systems operational documentation.
  • Technical notes, Minutes of Meetings, reports, review item discrepancies and problem reports within the scope of the work package.
  • Testing specifications for the integration and validation of the relevant facilities.
  • Ad-hoc developed tools.

Activity tasks

The contractor shall perform the following tasks:

  • During phase B2/C/D/E1:Management Support to the PDGS sub-systems technical officers for:
  • Preparation of the PDGS sub-systems managerial documentation (e.g. implementation plan)
  • Preparation of the PDGS sub-systems contractual documentation (e.g. SoWs)
  • Management of industries in charge of PDGS sub-systems development
  • Coordination of PDGS sub-systems reviews
  • Preparation of the PDGS Sub-Systems requirements documents
  • Support to PDGS specification for the part relevant to the PDGS data processing sub-systems implementation (e.g., Interface Control Documents)
  • Support the acceptance by the PDGS Project of PDGS external CFIs
  • Review of documentation from various sources: ESA, Industry during the project phases dealing with sub-systems implementation and testing.
  • Participation to Ground Segment Reviews and PDGS reviews organized either by ESA or by Industry
  • Management of the review item discrepancies, system or software problem reports and action linked to PDGS Sub-Systems implementation contracts
  • Generation of technical notes whenever needed during the relevant project phases
  • Operations of the various supporting tools for the part relevant to the PDGS sub-systems implementation (e.g. Documentation Management System)
  • Support to the PDGS Integration and Validation and Ground Segment Validation phases addressing for the relevant PDGS sub-systems:
  • Integration of the facility within the processing centre
  • Definition of integration and validation tests
  • Run of integration and validation tests procedures
  • Test results analysis
  • Test reporting
  • Support for operators training and preparation of operational documentation for the relevant PDGS sub-systems
  • Support for definition and documentation of the PDGS Commissioning Implementation Plan and procedures for the relevant PDGS sub-systems
  • Support for the preparation of the launch and the implementation of rehearsal activities for the relevant PDGS sub-systems
  • Support for the management of PDGS Operations, system behaviour monitoring and reporting during commissioning for the relevant PDGS sub-systems
  • Ad-hoc development of tools for the accomplishment of the PDGS sub-systems engineering, testing and validation, etc.

During phase E2:

  • Support for the sub-systems impact analysis of new PDGS requirements deriving from new user needs and/or new operational needs
  • Support to the PDGS sub-systems specification evolution
  • Management of industry in charge of PDGS sub-systems evolution and maintenance
  • Generation of technical notes whenever needed during the mission lifetime

Your skills:

  • University degree or equivalent qualification, preferably in engineering or Remote Sensing
  • Experience on ground segments implementation.
  • Requirement’s specification.
  • Development of PDGS Data Processing sub-systems.
  • System and Software anomalies management: reporting, analysis, classification, and resolution.
  • Knowledge of the ECSS standards and, as an asset, documentation, and configuration control management techniques.
  • Project management experience, preferably in the field of Earth Observation Ground Segment
  • Development would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of the ESA Earth Explorers missions (and instruments) and processes related to their PDGS development would be an asset.
  • Programming skills (to develop tools for the accomplishment of the PDGS engineering, testing and validation, etc.) would be an asset.

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