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Are you an experience TT&C Engineer with experience in IoT? Are you fascinated by all things space and are currently looking for a new opportunity where your career can take off? If so, look no further! 

We are currently recruiting for a Senior TT&C/IoT Engineer on behalf of a leading SATCOMS company with its headquarters in the UK and several other offices across the globe which you might even get a chance to visit.

Role Responsibilities: 

  • Provide support to various core engineering and/or operational activities of the GCS group as required to support the businesses present and future satellites, TT&C launch support activities, network upgrades, maintenance activities, ground systems support including on-call etc
  • Participate in the procurement and implementation of the business and non-business TT&C/GPCS/IOT services and equipment including the development of requirements, RFP specifications, evaluation of bids, negotiations with selected bidders, monitoring technical and operational aspects of contracts.
  • Evaluate test methods and test results and participate in the factory and on-site acceptance testing for baseband, IF, RF, GPCS, IOT earth station equipment. Perform independent analysis of earth station performance
  • Lead IV&V / Compatibility Testing planning and co-ordination, procedures development and test execution
  • Develop Interface Control Documents (ICDs). Coordinate / conduct Integration and Test (I&T) activities of earth station equipment
  • Develop Operations Concept documents (CONOPS) in relevant areas.
  • Develop and maintain link budgets, including accuracy calculations of earth station ranging systems (standard tone ranging and spread spectrum ranging)
  • Develop Operations and Maintenance plans for on-station routine operations. Ensure training and handover to operations personnel are carried out smoothly. Set up maintenance arrangements as necessary. Develop methods of monitoring earth stations to ensure availability requirements are met
  • For launch and early orbit operations (LEOP) of the business and non-business satellites, support preparations and implementation activities, develop Specialised Operations Plans (SOPs), participate in rehearsals and exercises, provide real-time support during the mission either on-site or at the SCC
  • For the businesses 6 Ground Payload Control System (GPCS) development, provide support to the project and ensure that experience with existing PCS systems is fully made available for the benefit of the new project
  • Planning, preparation, coordination, and execution of the payload IOT campaigns of the business’s satellites, including:
    • From the Space Segment-provided payload IOT Plans, develop requirements and specifications for future IoT Measurement Systems, and participate in the procurement and implementation of these systems including factory and on-site acceptance testing
    • Develop payload IOT procedures, Sequences of Events (SOEs) and test sequences
    • Lead payload IOT Campaigns preparations and planning including IOT Operations Plan, database preparation, loading of the measurement sequences, on-site IOT procedure validation, IOT rehearsals and all required site logistics
    • Conduct the payload IOT campaigns at selected earth stations (including managing personnel deployment and shifts planning)
  • Support the businesses payload IOT ground infrastructure (including day-to-day operations, maintenance, support, evolution, augmentation, and technology refresh). This activity includes interfacing with internal customers and managing the utilisation of the IoT assets

Essential Knowledge and skills:

  • University degree in electrical or electronic engineering or equivalent
  • Satellite communications experience or equivalent abilities, with exposure to earth station RF and IF satellite communications equipment design, implementation, and testing, to TT&C ground systems design and operations and to satellite IoT and associated testing.
  • Work experience in mission real-time operational environment
  • Good written and spoken command and communications skills in English
  • Ability to prioritise and to work well under pressure
  • Analytical approach to problems, but prepared to take practical shortcuts when necessary

Desirable knowledge and skills:

  • Experience in a multinational team, in an international telecommunications environment
  • Knowledge of data communications systems and protocols (TCP/IP in particular)
  • Experience in satellite IoT and associated testing
  • Computer systems, programming, and software administration experience
  • Good negotiation skills with customers and suppliers

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