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Mission Analysis and Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Engineer

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Job Description

DEIMOS is selecting 1 engineer to be integrated in the Flight Systems Business Unit to support new growth areas in mission engineering, in particular on mission analysis and simulation activities.

The position includes responsibility in launcher activities, including developing Mission Analysis software tools covering launch trajectory modelling and safety case.

The work of the Flight Systems Business Unit includes activities in the areas of Mission Analysis and Flight Mechanics with applications from satellites to atmospheric vehicles (e.g. launchers and re-entry vehicles), as well as the associated research, innovation and technology development.

As a matter of reference, DEIMOS has endorsed European level responsibility in a range of projects including:

  • Launchers and Re-Entry vehicles (ex: DEIMOS-Orbex partnership on micro-launchers (, IXV and Space Rider programmes)
  • Planetary Entry, Descent and Landing probes (ex: EXOMARS programme)
  • Space Debris including Satellites Design for Demise and Active Debris Removal (ex: DRAMA and SESAM tools)

Main Duties:

The following responsibilities are envisioned, to be progressively planned and allocated to the candidate:

  • Involvement in Mission Engineering and R&D projects
  • Development of engineering tools to support the Mission Engineering processes, including trajectory modelling and safety analyses (in accordance with UK regulation)
  • Trajectory analysis and system design optimisation for launch and re-entry vehicles
  • Systems engineering
  • Project planning and control

Technical Requirements:

The following capabilities are required for the post:

  • Orbital and atmospheric (ascent, re-entry) flight mechanics background
  • Trajectory simulation modelling and design, execution and analysis (Monte Carlo, statistical processing…)
  • Mature knowledge on software engineering and programming languages (Matlab & Simulink)
  • Knowledge of launch systems

The following capabilities are desired for the post:

  • Demonstrated experience in launch systems or planetary entry systems (capsules, lifting bodies…).
  • Knowledge of satellite removal and space debris (end of life, re-entry phase)
  • Knowledge of optimisation theory and techniques
  • Experience of creating robust, complex software tools for engineering use
  • Use of mission analysis tools: GMAT, STK, Astos, etc.
  • Knowledge on software engineering and programming languages (C++, Fortran)

Education: Aerospace/aeronautics MSc/MEng degree or PhD.

Language Skills: High level of English, spoken and written

Personal Skills:

  • Capability to integrate in and work within a team from different geographical locations.
  • Initiative
  • Autonomy and self-development
  • Responsibility towards the customer and workmates
  • Technical presentation and reporting skills
  • Team leader (if experience above 3-4 years)
Oxford, UK
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