Mission and Systems Engineer

Company Details

Astroscale is a pioneering international space technology company that is solving a global environmental problem; to secure long-term spaceflight safety and orbital sustainability for the benefit of future generations.


  • Mission and Systems engineering activities
  • Development of spacecraft mission and system design including requirements derivation and CONOPS definition
  • Perform and maintain satellite system design, model and analysis
  • Coordinate and work closely with missions and systems managers, subsystem managers and the project manager
  • Trade-off and control platform systems budgets e.g. mass, power, data, fuel
  • Generate and maintain mission and system verification and validation plan and tracking verification status
  • Support the selection and monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Support planning and execution of AIV activities including satellite assembly, integration, functional testing and environmental testing

Essential Skills

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in space system projects
  • System level knowledge in space systems design and AIV activities, and practical experience in several phases of the lifecycle from requirements definition through to verification
  • Good knowledge of a range of subsystems & engineering teams including: GNC (AOCS, ADCS), astrodynamics, C&DH / OBDH, EPS, RCS (propulsion), COM (communications), software, ground segment & operations
  • Familiarity with space industry standards and approaches
  • Flexibility to adapt and work in a fast paced and changing environment, and able to accommodate those changes in the work schedule
  • English language capability TOEIC 800+
  • Business Level Japanese Proficiency

Desirable skills

  • 5+ years of commercial experience in a Systems Engineering role for satellites.
  • Knowledge of commonly used engineering and modelling packages (e.g. ModelSim, Matlab, STK) and/or experience with model based system engineering.
  • Knowledge of the area around debris removal including: licensing, export, regulation, space law.
  • Knowledge of past missions of relevance: RemoveDebris, CleanSpace / ESA projects e.g. e.DeOrbit, DEOS, ATV, ETS-7

Export Control Laws

Unless explicitly notified otherwise, our vacancies are covered by Export Control Laws which require candidates to be from an “Export Safe” Country as deemed by the Japanese Government.

The countries are as follows:

Japan, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Italy, USA, France, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Ireland, Czech, Spain, Greece Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Denmark Hungary and Poland.

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