Mission Manager

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Help make Loft the fastest-to-space offering in the industry.

Loft Orbital is hiring a mission manager to help make Loft the fastest-to-space offering in the industry. In this role, you will help Loft execute on our Company mission to make space simple for our customers, without compromising on quality or reliability.

As we scale, you will be in charge of building new mission management processes that enable this vision, leveraging Loft’s model of using standard satellites and interfacing technology.

This is an executive role, however we are happy to speak to candidates of different experience levels

Position Description

  • Hold overall responsibility for enabling Loft’s missions to run on schedule and on budget
  • Act as Loft’s face and point of contact to our primary mission partners, namely launch, satellite bus, and ground segment service providers. This includes contractual and statement of work negotiations, and ensuring process of reviews from contract kick off to launch. You will work with Company leadership to ensure these relationships remain trusting and mutually beneficial
  • As the executive of the company in charge of space missions, you will a be core contributor to strategic decisions regarding Loft’s positioning with suppliers, including what bus manufacturers to select and procure from, what long term or partnerships to establish and how to handle those relationships
  • This will be a customer-facing role, and you and your team will work closely with customers from contract signature through launch and initial operations
  • You will also work closely with our Company leadership to contribute to Loft’s product roadmap and develop technology that maximizes the speed, simplicity, quality, and reliability Loft delivers to its customers.

Position Requirements

  • 10+ years of experience in the aerospace field
  • Demonstrated experience in Program Management of agile small satellite missions
  • Demonstrated experience as a technical specialist on specific spacecraft subsystems as well as system-level experience
  • Demonstrated experience in small satellite assembly, integration and test campaigns
  • Experience in a fast-paced development environment.
  • Prior experience delivering a spacecraft to orbit and/or space-qualified hardware to a customer
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