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  • Always optimize services such as application and infrastructure environment for the business divisions of Nissan Motor’s affiliated companies from the viewpoint of quality, speed, and cost.

Main Tasks

  • You will responsible for ensuring the quality, speed, and cost of the application and infrastructure services provided to the business units of Nissan’s internal affiliates.


  • As a Vendor & Service Management, you are responsible for the following tasks in order to provide IT services to the business units of Nissan and its affiliates in collaboration with external servicers.
  • Goal setting:
    • Clarify the current issues of IT services in Nissan and its affiliated companies, and develop measures to address them.
  • Goal management:
    • Create each task for management index and manage the progress.
  • Task management:
    • Organize tasks in order of priority and manage them efficiently.
  • Time management:
    • Information is shared and managed for requests made to related parties in each department.
  • Vendor management:
    • Manage the performance of servicers that provide IT services and encourage them to make improvements as necessary.

In Terms Of Overall Communication, You Will Coordinate With Stakeholders, Prepare Materials Necessary For Such Communication, And Hold Meetings With Each Stakeholder.

Appeal point (of duties charm)

  • Important to prop up their own business in the global through the IT services business of Nissan Motor Co. It is a business.
  • We evaluate the quality of the latest solutions and service suppliers and provide the necessary support to ensure the stable provision of high-quality IT services. It is a very challenging environment in which improvement measures are directly addressed to management based on the facts confirmed by each user using IT services.

Selling point of this position

  • This is an important role to support Nissan’s business globally through IT service operations.
  • This is a very challenging environment where you will be responsible for evaluating the quality of the latest solutions and service suppliers, and providing the necessary support to ensure the stable provision of high quality IT services, and directly approaching management with improvement measures based on facts confirmed by users of the IT services.

Registration qualification

Skills and Experience Required (MUST) 

  • At least 3 years of working experience in any of the following
    • Experience in actual system operation and maintenance.
    • Knowledge of the operations such as ITIL etc.
    • Experience in actual system development.
    • Knowledge of project management As PMBOK Such, BABOK, Etc.
    • Able To Communicate In English With Overseas Offices And Suppliers.
    • Experience Of The Car Industry: Preferred
    • TOEIC: 730


  • Person who has more than 1 year of work experience for any of the above MUSTs
  • Automotive industry experience:
  • Not required <Skills and Experience Requested (WANT)>
  • At least 1 year of work experience for any of the above skills . and Experience Required
  • Experience of the Car Industry: Not Required

Seek portrait

  • And technical information analysis forces assess the nature of things by knowledge, who have the insight
  • And technical level, to those who culture and customs are different Those who can communicate smoothly with each other
  • Those who greedily absorb new knowledge and have a challenging spirit to boldly tackle unknown tasks

Please describe successful candidate image (Personality)

  • The person who has The vitality to discuss on an equal footing with The top management
  • Open-minded and highly motivated
  • Flexibility to accept various ideas

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