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Job description

  • In this position, you will lead the security project globally.
  • As technical expertise in cybersecurity is provided by internal and external resources,

The main tasks of this position are:

  • Project planning / management including vendor management-
  • Coordination between project members / other Regions-
  • Contact with stakeholders-
  • Budget management in projects

Also, in the event of a company-wide security incident or a serious security hole in various systems It is also expected to support emergency security operations, such as when is found.

Main Tasks

This position is expected to lead a couple of security projects which are part of this program. Many of these projects will be global projects. Since technical expertise for cyber security will be provided by existing internal / external resources, main responsibilities of this position are;

  • Upper Process project planning / management including vendor management
  • Coordination Among Project Members / Other Regions
  • Liaison With Stakeholders
  • Budget Management In Responsible Projects

It Is Also Expected To Support Security Operations In Urgent Situation, For Example When Corporate-Wide Security Incident Happens Or Critical Security Hole Is Found On Various Systems.

Appeal points

  • As you can see from various news and articles, cyber security risks are becoming more and more important for companies around the world.
    Since fiscal 2018, we have managed cyber security risk as one of our corporate risks, and since fiscal 2019 we are globally deploying a cyber security program to protect our business from cyber attacks.

Selling point of this position

  • As you can see in various news and articles, cyber security risk is becoming more and more critical for enterprise over the world. In Nissan, cyber security risk is managed as one of corporate risks from FY18, and cyber security program to protect our business from cyber-attack was launched globally in FY19.

Registration qualification


  • Experience of 2 to 3 years or more in IS / IT projects of core members or above-
  • Strong interest in cyber security-
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Japanese (TOEIC 760 points or more)


  • Over 3 years of experience in IT infrastructure
  • Knowledge about cyber security projects or operations-
  • Experience leading global projects Communication skills ( TOEIC 760 points or more)
  • Automotive industry experience: Yes Yes
  • TOEIC: 760

Skills and Experience Required

  • At least 2-3 years of experience in IS / IT project in Upper Process as core member or above
  • Strong interest in cyber security
  • Excellent communication skill in both English / Japanese
  • Proactive and positive attitude
  • Experience of the car industry : Preferred
  • TOEIC: 760
  • Excellent communication ability in both English and Japanese (TOEIC 900 points or more) Automotive industry experience: If necessary
  • TOEIC: 900

Skills and Experience Requested

  • More than 3 years of experience in IT infrastructure
  • Knowledge of cyber security project or operations
  • Experience of leading global project
  • Experience of the car industry: preferred
  • TOEIC: 900

Personal image to be sought

  • Person with vitality who can discuss with superiors on an equal footing
  • Person with high motivation with open mind
  • Flexible acceptance of various ideas how and technology who have high interest and knowledge in the trend
  • ⾃ et al willing to first move forward and aggressive person who can challenge

Successful Candidate Image (Personality)

  • Successful Candidate will be Aware of Current Cyber Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Mitigations ..

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