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Business content

  • Introduction, maintenance, and operation of a system for solving client problems


  • Those who have design experience

Welcome conditions

  • Those with high communication skills with customers
  • Those with high documentation ability
  • Those who have high problem-solving ability or who can persistently work toward problem-solving
  • Those who can think things logically


  • According to our regulations


  • Salary increase:
    • Once a year (July)
  • Bonus:
    • Twice a year (June / December)
  • Allowances:
    • Commuting allowance (full payment), discretionary employment allowance, midnight / holiday allowance


  • Social insurance:
    • Complete with various social insurance
  • System:
    • Retirement allowance, scholarship, correspondence education attendance support
    • Group-handled life insurance, funded annuity insurance
    • Housing financing, education financing, employee travel (domestic and overseas selection type)

Working hours

  • Professional work type discretionary labor system (deemed working hours / 8 hours 30 minutes a day)

Test period

  • Yes (3 months after joining the company in principle)

Holidays / holidays

  • Holiday:
    • Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday and Sunday), holidays
  • Holiday:
    • Annual paid leave, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, condolence leave, etc.


  • Measures to prevent second-hand smoke:
    • Establish a smoking room

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