Data Scientist who promotes DX / digital success

Company Details

Trusted Global Innovator

Job description

  • Promote customer DX / digital success by utilizing information science such as big data / information processing / AI / BI / statistics for the business issues of client companies.
  • Specifically, as a leader of a data analysis project, we will implement and enhance data utilization such as grasping accurate issues, setting appropriate evaluation indicators, formulating analysis plans and evaluating and selecting appropriate analysis methods and technologies for analysis. We are looking for data scientist human resources who can lead to actions that produce business results and value by visualizing the results and fostering a sense of conviction for customers.

Appeal point (attractiveness of duties)

Various human resources and specialists are enrolled in the business division, and they are cutting-edge through information exchange and friendly competition within the community, as well as collaborative projects with NTT Laboratories and global startups.

You can learn the technology and knowledge of, and acquire not only the introduction of IT and analytics technology, but also the experience and responsiveness of how to connect them to business results and value. We also have contact points with leading companies in each industry, and we can take on the challenge of creating business value through data analysis in various industries.

Qualification requirements

  • Required experience / skills / knowledge
    • Experience (contents of experience / years of experience)
    • Data analysis related to actual business Project data / Leader experience in BI / AI utilization projects / 3 years or more
  • Skills / skills
    •  Mathematics / statistics / machine learning / AI knowledge and on, such as data analysis skills experience
    • Thinking (problem solving, etc.), documentation and basic skills involved in consulting and communication
  • Mind
    • Sales and in concert with others goods such as development / together Mind to produce results

Welcome conditions

  • Knowledge
    • About IT infrastructure necessary for information utilization such as required experience, skills, knowledge , DWH, BI, BA
  • Other language ability
    • English

Assumed position

  • Chief Deputy

Assumed annual income

  • 6-14 million YEN
  • Details will be provided at the time of the interview

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