Solution / technology development utilizing AI (machine learning / voice recognition, etc.)

Company Details

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Job description

You will be responsible for the following tasks for the development of advanced machine learning and AI technology use cases that utilize data such as text, voice, and images accumulated in the business scene.

  • AI utilization planning based on each survey of business needs, competition, and related technologies
  •  Effectiveness verification of advanced technology based on AI utilization planning
  • Product development that leads to improvement of agility of AI utilization

Organizational mission

Through development of use cases of advanced technology We aim to create NTT DATA offerings (strengths), expand domestic and overseas business scale, and improve brand value. In addition, we will proactively collaborate with business divisions to expand our business and expand the offerings we have created to our customers.

Attractiveness / characteristics of this position

Machine learning and AI technology have the potential to significantly change existing IT services. In particular, with deep learning as a catalyst, various advanced algorithms have been developed for various media formats such as image, audio, and natural language. However, what customers are looking for is a service that uses AI to enhance their operations.

The AI ​​technology that is suitable for each job is different, and it is necessary to add a twist, such as identifying the characteristics of the job and, in some cases, finding an unprecedented combination. We often face difficult tasks, but we can feel the sense of accomplishment when we clear those challenges. In addition, there are many collaborations with business divisions that are familiar with customer operations, and it is possible to experience the dynamism from the development of applied technology to the introduction of customers.

Career path

  • Planning skills related to setting themes for new technology development
  • Knowledge and implementation development skills related to machine learning / AI technology
  • Customer business consulting skills utilizing machine learning / AI technology

Appeal point (attractiveness of work)

  • Starting from deep learning, expectations for the use of AI in fields that were previously unthinkable are increasing. In response to this, we are targeting fields where novel technologies are reported one after another in a short period of time. On the other hand, it has become clear that there are strengths and weaknesses in applying AI depending on the business.
  • It is a job that allows customers to identify the reasons for the discrepancy between the expectations of customers for AI technology and the achievement level of advanced technology, and gain experience in deriving solutions based on their own ideas. We often face difficult challenges, but since there are many members who have accumulated knowledge and skills related to AI through the experience of moving their hands, we can work on each other while enhancing each other.

Knowledge / Experience

  • Planning skills related to setting themes for new technology development


  • All of the following are required
    • Python programming experience
    • Basic knowledge (statistics, etc.) and practical experience regarding data analysis
    • Logical thinking
  • Personality
    • Stable attitudes and behaviors even in difficult situations, and in the future Being able to take the initiative in demonstrating leadership that can lead people around you
    • Being flexible and cooperative, having the ability to communicate smoothly both inside and outside the company ・
    • Being able to act positively by yourself
    • Not afraid, related
    • Ability to coordinate with players
  • Language skills / qualifications/ conversation in English / literature search.
    • TOEIC 630 points or more.

Welcome conditions

  •  Required experience / skills / knowledge
    • Machine learning, practical experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating analytical logic / 3 years or more
    •  Knowledge about deep learning
    •  Development experience using advanced devices

Assumed position

  • Chief / Deputy section chief / General

Estimated annual income

  • 4.5-10 million
  • Details will be provided at the time of the interview

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