Global expansion of AI / data utilization technology and business promotion

Company Details

Trusted Global Innovator

Job description

Technology / market research for the global horizontal development of technologies / offerings related to AI and data utilization within the NTT DATA Group, joint business studies with overseas group companies, localization, delivery system construction, proposals / project support, etc. To promote the global expansion of AI offerings. In addition, we will also promote domestic AI / data utilization projects in parallel, and there is a possibility that we will directly participate in the projects that we have promoted.

Appeal point (attractiveness of work)

It is possible to gain the following knowledge and experience.

  • Extensive knowledge of major AI offerings and their constituent technologies
  • Knowledge of AI / data utilization needs and business models in overseas markets
  • Experience of collaborating with overseas members with business in mind
  • Discovery / solution of global business issues experience

Qualification requirements 

  • Those who have the required experience, skills, knowledge
    • Knowledge or work experience related to AI / data utilization technology, those who are
      motivated to communicate with employees of overseas group companies “
  • Other language skills
    • English TOEIC 800 points or more or TSST Level 5 or above

Welcome conditions

  • Experience, skills, knowledge
    • Experience involved in actualAI / data utilization projects, experience in planning or proposing AI / data utilization projects

Assumed position

  • Chief of section

Assumed annual income

  • 6-10 million YEN
  • Details will be provided at the time of interview

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