Data Scientist for major manufacturing industry

Company Details

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Job description

We are promoting a DX (digital) transformation project for customers in the manufacturing industry (especially heavy industry) by verifying specific values ​​through data and image analysis.
In particular, while the customers themselves have not been able to clarify the issues, we are organizing the issues, including potential issues, and proceeding with solutions through data analysis and analysis.

The following is an example of a specific data analysis / utilization project.

  • Automation and efficiency improvement of quality assurance in the manufacturing industry
  • Applying computer vision, machine learning, etc. based on quality information, automation of quality assurance in the molding process
  • Examination of real-time feedback control to equipment ・
  • FT diagram by AI (fault tree) Figure) Improving production efficiency I used to manually create FT diagrams from manual information in different formats, but I am considering using AI to unify data and improve work efficiency

Appeal point (attractiveness of duties)

  • Representative of Japan We maintain a deep relationship with manufacturers (especially heavy industry).
  • As the needs for data analysis and analysis increase, we will consider new possibilities for data utilization together with our customers.
  • In addition, through data analysis and analysis, we have the opportunity to engage in work that has a social impact.

Skills to acquire

  • Skills for data analysis and utilization
  • Latest technical knowledge of machine learning
  • Skills for collaboration with global companies

Qualification requirements

  • Required experience, skills, knowledge
    • Data analysis, practical experience in analysis work (regardless of numerical values, natural languages, images, etc.)
    • Positive attitude toward utilizing advanced technology

Welcome conditions

  • Required experience / skills / knowledge / Practical experience in data analysis / analysis work for the manufacturing industry is a plus / System development experience is a plus “
  • Other language skills
    • Business English level (Reading, Writing, Speaking)

Assumed position

  • chief Deputy section

Estimated annual income

  • 45-14 million YEN
  • Details will be provided at the time of interview

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