Technology development related to AI system development methodology and related tools

Company Details

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Job description

Create development guidelines and related tools (MLOps, data expansion, machine learning model test method, learning automation, etc.) necessary for developing computer systems incorporating technologies such as machine learning. ..

Appeal point (attractiveness of duties)

At NTT DATA, in anticipation of an era in which AI will be incorporated into and operated in all social infrastructures, computer systems with built-in AI will be efficient while ensuring fairness and explanation. We are developing a series of technologies for the development and operation of the system. It is a rewarding job where you can take on the challenge of making better changes in society by utilizing AI while learning the latest technology.

Qualification requirements

  • Required experience / skills / knowledge (required)
    • 3 years or more of computer system development experience(one of the following is required)
    • Machine learning in a university laboratory (image recognition, natural language processing, data analysis / prediction) One or more) and research experience using statistical analysis
    • R & D experience or system development experience using machine learning in a company
  • Other language skills
    • Being able to read and understand English papers and English technical documents
    • Basic in English E-mail reading and writing that it is a

Welcome conditions

  • Seek experience, skills, and knowledge
    • User side experience involved in service development and operation of using the AI as
    • Kubeflow, environment construction and operation using a MLOps frameworks such as Mlflow Experience
    • Programming experience using machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and PyTorch
  • Other language skills
    • Technical communication by English conversation is possible

Assumed position

  • Deputy
  • Chief of section

Estimated annual income

  • 6-10 million YEN
  • Details will be provided at the time of interview

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