Technology development related to secure data management and AI utilization

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Job description

With the realization of Society 5.0, expectations are rising for inter-industry businesses in which various industrial fields collaborate in a cross-domain manner. In inter-industry businesses, technologies and mechanisms that safely and securely utilize data that is owned and managed in a distributed manner and data that cannot be easily shared by different owners, such as individuals and multiple companies, are indispensable. In this post, we will carry out technology development, evaluation / verification, and application verification in actual business to utilize data securely.

Appeal point (attractiveness of duties)

This theme is linked to the IOWN concept, which is the next-generation communication platform that NTT is promoting with the aim of putting it into practical use in 2030, and it is extremely rewarding to bear the new social infrastructure. There is a theme. We will take on the challenge of realizing a digital twin in society, building its foundation, and co-creating use cases with partners by combining technologies including not only the results of NTT Laboratories but also domestic and overseas venture companies.


  • Required experience / skills / knowledge (required)
    • 3 years or more of computer system development experience (any of the following is required)
    • Secure data utilization such as encryption, anonymization, secret calculation, and distributed machine learning Knowledge, experience (research in university laboratories and companies, etc.),
    • System development and operation experience related to data management, system development and operation experience that handles sensitive data such as personal information
    • Software architecture design and construction experience
  • Other language skills
    • Ability to read and write basic e-mail in English

Welcome conditions

  • Experience, skills, knowledge
    • Experience involved in the development and operation of services using AI,
      R & D experience using machine learning in a company Or experience of conducting data analysis work for customers, etc.
  • Other language ability
    • Being able to read and understand English papers and English technical documents
    • Technical communication by English conversation is possible

Assumed position

  • Deputy
  • Chief of section

Estimated annual income

  • 6-10 million YEN
  • Details will be provided at the time of interview

Tagged as: encryption, computer system development, anonymization, secret calculation, software architecture design, data management system

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