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You too, be an actor in the space adventure!

You too, be an actor in the space adventure!

Within the Occupational Health and Safety department, the candidate’s mission concerns the analysis and assessment of workplace risks, the proposal of preventive and corrective solutions, the monitoring of accidents and the improvement of working conditions at work. within the Guyanese Space Center (CNES / CSG).

As part of his duties, the Occupational Safety engineer, in support of the department head, is in charge of the following missions:

  • Contribute to consistency in terms of Health and Safety at work on all the establishment’s sites by relying on the regulations in force,
  • Ensure the application of regulations relating to health, safety and working conditions on the space base.

He will be able to invest himself in the themes and projects of Health and Safety at work which will be entrusted to him by the Head of Service.

He also participates in:

  • Carrying out risk analysis, co-activities, site monitoring in terms of occupational safety and hygiene relating to the installations, equipment and working procedures of the Technical Center, outside the EPCU.
  • The definition and monitoring of prevention, protection and prohibition measures, following the analysis of workstation risks,
  • The management of chemicals, their use and storage at the establishment, their inventory and their quantity. It ensures compliance with regulations, including REACH, and ensures the operation of the database of Safety Data Sheets (QUICK FDS).
  • Supervision, recording of safety information / training / work authorizations and skills of CNES staff and external companies involved,
  • The drafting of procedures, safety instructions and work instructions relating to health, hygiene and safety at work for the field of activity,
  • Management of the database specific to monitoring and HSCT regulatory compliance of the CNES / CSG Establishment.
  • Carrying out management, updating regulatory compliance actions in relation to the referent body. To this end, it will ensure the management and dispatching of actions linked to regulatory changes.
  • Management of the DATI system on the CSG and acts as the architect of said system in relation to the supplier and the industrial operator contract.
  • Management, archiving of monthly water analysis statements on the establishment.
  • The triggering of warning and corrective measures in the event of loss of compliance with the hygiene and drinkability characteristics of the water.

Main internal contacts

  • The department head, the site managers of the CNES / CSG establishment,
  • Correspondents from the various CNES / CSG departments,
  • The business managers of the Technical Study Office.

Main external contacts

  • The various safety managers of the establishment and industrial contracts,
  • External business leaders and their security managers.

Profile of candidate sought:

  • Executive or general engineer with knowledge in the following fields:
  • Know the elements in terms of hygiene, safety at work, prevention and management of industrial risks,
  • Know the techniques of situation analysis,
  • Knowledge of project management would be appreciated
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