Software Architect for Space Applications

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Space Traffic Management as a Service

Your misson

You will be a part of safeguarding space missions! Someone needs to take care of satellites not colliding with each other or with space debris – we are these people. Work with us on the first-ever collision avoidance and frequency coordination framework using the modern technologies and tools the world has to offer today – within and around OKAPI platform.

So far, sustainable spaceflight, such as collision avoidance, is generally performed as externality: Mission plans are derived accounting for payload operations, ground station contacts, loading cycles etc. Interference with third-party objects (space debris, but also other operational satellites) are taken as external factors which interrupt the plan of operations and service delivery.

You will be working on OKAPI:Orbits collision avoidance services and develop them further, to enable customers avoiding interference already on their day-to-day mission planning in an automated way.

Your tasks and responsibilities

Among your tasks, you will be responsible of developing brand-new features in Java for OKAPI:Orbits platform, being able to have a coffee while discussing the platform architecture,
enabling and facilitating scientists translating their magic into code and structure

Your profile

  • you are an experienced Software Architect, and can prove this experience either by prior work experience  and/or having contributed to relevant projects,
  • you have a degree (B.Sc. or higher) in computer science or a related subject,
    alternatively, you are a trained IT specialist who can provide evidence of several years of work experience,
  • good knowledge of written and spoken English,
  • you must know that Java is not only an island and have used it more than once to program something.
  • “software architecture” must be something you know to talk about,
  • experience with Linux,
  • experience with Python is a plus,
  • experience with Kubernetes and Docker is a plus,
  • experience in an aerospace-related domain are a plus.

Why us?

  • Join a team of motivated entrepreneurial colleagues and experts in the space and computer science domain
  • Possibility to participate in national and international conferences for skills enhancement and knowing about the current trends
  • Flexible work hours and remote work options
  • Enjoy perks such as free drinks and coffee in the office

About us

OKAPI:Orbits is an innovative German SaaS startup dedicated to making space travel more sustainable through Collision Avoidance Software for satellites. The OKAPI:Orbits team envisions a safe and sustainable space environment, truly accessible to everyone. We are laser-focused on creating innovative and efficient products to enable safe and secure satellite operations and seamless ground segment integration. As experts in Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), we offer platform services based on standardized interfaces with a wide range of flexible modules to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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