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The French aerospace lab.


In conjunction with other experimental engineers, you carry out studies and research activities on plasmas and their applications. You will be required to develop new plasma devices for aerospace applications and to design new advanced measurement means for plasmas (electric propulsion, plasma assisted combustion, etc.). You will use or improve the measurement benches and means (for example ERIS bench for space propulsion, electron beam fluorescence bench) and participate in the development of new experimental means.

The work is carried out either for ONERA’s own needs, or with partners or state customers (DGA, CNES, ESA, DGAC, EU, etc.), academics (CNRS, universities) or industry (SAFRAN, AIRBUS, DASSAULT, etc.) .

Your missions are conditioned by obtaining a national defense clearance.


  • Education: doctor or engineer-doctor in physics. Plasma training and / or experience is a plus. A post-doctorate is a plus;
  • Good level in physics (statistics, gas kinetics, cross sections);
  • Good level of English ;
  • Demonstrated aptitude and taste for carrying out experimental setups, with mechanical, electrical and optical components, if possible applied to plasmas (examples: vacuum techniques, high voltage, particle beams, etc.);
  • Programming experience (Fortran, Python). Knowledge of laser metrology techniques is a plus.

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