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The French aerospace lab.


The TSRE unit (Remote Sensing and Embedded Radar Systems) is in charge of airborne radar systems developed internally on aircraft (SETHI and BUSARD) and on drones (SarLight), as well as associated processing and studies. The fields of study range from the processing of raw radar data to the exploitation of remote sensing images, including real-time computing, artificial intelligence and satellite geometries.

In the team, you will contribute:

  • Processing and analysis of radar signals and images;
  • The definition and sizing of airborne, space and drone radar systems;
  • Scientific studies carried out in the fields of remote sensing and intelligence.

Your work will take place within the framework of DGA or civil projects with international cooperation, and will require close collaboration with the engineers of the unit and the department. You will take on the responsibilities of scientific project manager (development of offers, technical monitoring of studies, project management).You have dual scientific and project management skills and have a strong interest in the development of new concepts, information processing, system analysis and IT. You know how to compare simulation with the analysis of real data and you are creative in the development of new lines of study. Beyond your scientific and organizational qualities, you know how to demonstrate communication and teamwork skills.

Your missions are conditioned by obtaining a national defense clearance.


  • Doctor or engineer with solid skills in signal processing, preferably in the fields of radar or electromagnetism;
  • First experience desired;
  • Proficiency in Python, C / C ++ languages ​​and Linux and Windows environments;
  • Good writing and organizational skills required;
  • Good level of English essential.

Tagged as: signal processing, radar signals, radar images, drone radar systems, electro magnetism, embedded radar systems

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