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ONERA, a central player in aeronautical and space research, employs more than 2,000 people. Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, it has a budget of 266 million euros ( 2022 ), more than half of which comes from study, research and testing contracts. State expert, ONERA is preparing the defense of tomorrow, responding to the aeronautical and space challenges of the future, and contributing to the competitiveness of the aerospace industry. He masters all the disciplines and technologies of the field.

 In the area of space, ONERA’s studies and research are part of the areas of preparation for the future defined in a national framework by R&D programs&D of the National Center for Space Studies ( CNES ) and the France 2030 program and within a European framework by the guidelines given by the European Space Agency ( ESA ) and by the Horizon Europe program of the ‘Union European.


Integrated into the Technical and Programs Department which brings together the seven scientific departments of ONERA and the three program departments ( Aeronautics, Space, Defense ), the Director of the « Orbital Systems » program, under the authority of the Space Director, has the task of coordinating the activities of ONERA, the application perimeter of which is that of orbital systems, new uses of spatial data and scientific missions. It also coordinates the Master of Space activity with the Defense Program Directorate, which is responsible for it.

The program director « Orbital Systems » must have an overall knowledge of the studies and research conducted at ONERA on its perimeter and a thorough understanding of the medium and long-term needs of industrial and state customers and partners. As such, and with regard to your perimeter, you :

  • Define the strategy of the « Orbital Systems » program by synthesizing, and anticipating the expectations of institutional and industrial partners, and by identifying research needs ;
  • Animate a strategic dialogue with the CNES Directorates in charge of orientation and monitoring of Orbital Systems, in order to promote ONERA activities, to prepare the ONERA / joint research programs/CNES relating to the area of intervention and ensuring the monitoring of contractual activity ;
  • Regularly meet the industrialists of the field including the actors of the NewSpace community and ensure the follow-up of the partnerships established with the major actors of the field of competence ( Airbus Defense & Space, Thales Alenia Space ) ;
  • Provide support to research departments by contributing to the setting up of multidisciplinary offers both for the benefit of industrial partners and in the context of national or European calls for projects ;
  • In coordination with the Space Department, contribute to exchanges with the European bodies in charge of space, ESA and Directorate General for Defense, Industry and Space ( DG DEFIS ) of the European Commission, in order to acquire background information ;
  • Represent the Orbital Systems component of ONERA in certain committees of French bodies such as COSPACE, GIFAS, 3AF and international organizations such as the IAF ;
  • Contribute to exchanges with European establishments in charge of space research of the ESRE association and with international agencies ( NASA, JAXA, … ) and encourage bilateral cooperation ;
  • Bring to the General Scientific Directorate of ONERA a synthetic vision of the expectations of the space community of Orbital Systems in terms of long-term research, in order to guide internal projects ;
  • Contribute, in conjunction with the Center for Prospective and Aerospace Watch ( CPVA ) to the consistency of all the ONERA Road Sheets relating to space and ensures the monitoring of some of them ;
  • Promote the promotion of the activities of ONERA of the « Orbital Systems » program through adequate communication.

Work in close coordination with the Program Director « Space Transport » and the Program Director « Recognition and Anticipation » is essential for subjects relating to Access to Space and the Master of Space.

Your missions are conditioned by obtaining a national defense clearance.


From higher education in engineering school or university, you demonstrate recognized experience in research, studies or management and monitoring of major projects in the space sector. You have a good knowledge of French and European agencies in charge of space ( CNES, ESA, EU ) and have solid experience in one or more areas of the perimeter described above and you want to broaden your experience.

An excellent command of the English language is essential.  

Integrating ONERA means joining the first player in aeronautical and space research in France, it is building the future now, it is innovating every day in a cutting-edge sector.

At ONERA, you will find a work / personal life balance and an environment favoring the continuous training of employees.

Our company is embarking on a policy in favor of the integration and maintenance in employment of people with disabilities.

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