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Open Cosmos is looking for a Senior Researcher to join the team in our Barcelona office. The Tecniospring programme from the Cataln government (Spain) funds applied research projects to develop state-of-the-art technology and bring it to market. . The future of small satellite constellations will require key developments in fields such as on-board processing, AI and propulsion and we have ongoing and planned development projects to prepare for our future missions.

We would like to engage with candidates that are experts in the fields listed below (or others) and are looking at applying their expertise and research to bring technology into our satellites and applications to the ground:

  • Image/data processing on board: With the increase of computational power and storage on-board satellites, more and more applications are possible, from compression to encryption, and highly efficient communication protocols.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI applications on board): development of novel applications that can run on resource-limited platforms to exploit Earth Observation and Telecommunication payload data with the aim to reduce the bottleneck on data download and explore the applications of direct dissemination of derived information to the end user.
  • Inter satellite link capabilities. Next generation of small satellites constellations will benefit from having the capability to establish reliable links with other satellites to satisfy fast-response applications for both EO and Telecomms.
  • Propulsion for Optimisation of mission lifetime: constellation deployment, housekeeping and debris mitigation.

The successful candidate will have a technical background in space and experience in any of the fields mentioned above.

Below are some of the programme requirements:

What kind of research project should it be?

  • Tecniospring INDUSTRY covers applied research projects with a clear market focus. Projects must be aimed at developing a new technology and bringing it to the market.
  • Tecniospring INDUSTRY has two modalities:
    • Incoming researcher: 2-year contract with the company in our Barcelona office.
    • Outgoing + return: 1st year of the project in our UK centre , and 2nd year in our Barcelona office

Researcher requirements

  • Researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity in the country of their 1st year host organisation for more than 12 months in 3 years immediately prior to the deadline for the submission of applications. Exceptions will be made for candidates with justified career breaks.

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