Data Science Internship (Malaga)

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Aim high, go beyond! At Open Cosmos we are solving the world’s biggest challenges from space, providing businesses, governments and researchers access to more readily available information than ever before – ready for the challenge? Then read on… 

The Project

  • Our Data Platform makes raster and vector data browsable and retrievable for visualization and/or further analysis.
  • For example we would like to detect and show a water leak as a vector layer on top of the reservoir picture. In order to do that we might want to detect vegetation growing which would indicate water presence.
  • Depending on the needs of our customers we will need to process space imagery (potentially in combination with other datasets) and visualize the results in a presentable way.
  • Activities might involve python scripts to process space imagery, produce vector shapes or other raster images.

Skills that the candidate will develop:

Technical skills we will develop:

  • Industry programming paradigms and standards
  • User interface design
  • Understanding of agile methodologies in practice
  • DevOps practices
  • Imagery data science

Interpersonal skills we will develop

  • Project management skills in a business context
  • Team working within the project management context – how each role contributes to success and the importance of working together towards this
  • How to continuously develop professionally in a business context and build a plan for the future
  • Communication skills – how to communicate across teams, up and down the organisation
  • How to innovate in a business context, how to experiment with new ideas and implement them effectively

What you will need to be successful:


  • Must be finishing the second-to-final year of their studies:
  • Studying a Data Science, Computer Vision and/or GeoSpatial analysis degree


  • Must be fluent in Spanish and English

Minimum requirements:

  • Finishing second year in a relevant degree (as detailed above) with a GPA of 2:2 or higher
  • Able to communicate effectively, actively listening and responding appropriately
  • Able to relay complex information simply to technical and non technical audiences
  • Able to manage own time effectively, completing work within appropriate project timescales
  • Displays a curious mindset with an innovative approach to work
  • Has an eye for detail, delivering work that is polished and of good quality
  • Displays critical thinking skills, always looking to develop improve work and own skills
  • Works in an inclusive, respectful style

Desirable requirements:

  • Has experience with GeoSpatial data analysis
  • Demonstrable understanding of how agile works in practice
  • Demonstrable ability to work independently and within a team

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