Data Distribution System Team Lead

Company Details

Aim high, go beyond! At Open Cosmos we are solving the world’s biggest challenges from space, providing businesses, governments and researchers access to more readily available information than ever before - ready for the challenge? Then read on…

Working in the Satellite Data and Services Team

Open Cosmos team is building a data distribution system to enable end users to solve big challenges thanks to a combination of terabytes of data and state of the art cloud native data processing and visualization.

We work using a DevOps and Agile methodology with modern technology (microservices, Kubernetes, GCP, CI/CD, React/TypeScript). We combine frequent iteration cycles with the responsibility of keeping the application operative.

We are a small welcoming team with a high degree of flexibility that allows everyone to make a big impact in the product, its final features, quality and maintainability.

What will you be doing?

You will be leading the development of the data distribution system, including architectural design, system interfaces, implementation of critical components, partner selection, subcontractors management and other activities that guarantee the successful implementation and deployment of this very important element in the company strategy.

The role reports to the VP of Satellite Data and Services, who is also acting as the product manager, identifying product needs and in close contact with customers. You will be supporting him in this task, which eventually would include meetings with various stakeholders, evaluation of market options or proposal preparation, among others.

You will also be coding, designing systems and deploying infrastructure, a lot. At OpenCosmos we try to focus our efforts on our core domain, so we leverage Open Source software and external services to keep the team small and focused. Embracing DevOps, you will make sure that the team is responsible for designing, implementing, testing, delivering and maintaining high quality software.

Moving forward, we will face many challenges that you will help resolve. Our product is early in its development, and as context evolves, we will have more customers and missions to serve so we will need different levels of reliability, access-control, traceability and features.

What you need to be successful

  • You’ll be responsible for the whole system architecture and reliability, so we look for demonstrable ability in building web services in a truly DevOps manner
  • You will be writing and reviewing software, so you will have rock-solid skills in Software Engineering or Computer Science
  • You will be in charge of a geospatial-oriented project. Understanding the basics of satellite imagery formats and processing, geoinformation products and satellite applications is needed. Top candidates will have a geoinformation background.
  • You’ll be communicating a lot, so be confident in speaking, listening and writing, sometimes within large groups including customers
  • You’ll be responsible for a team so be ready to motivate and develop them through their careers
  • You’ll be responsible for the technical roadmap of the product, so we are looking for someone passionate about aiming right and building the right thing by collaborating with Product Management
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