Senior Systems Engineer (RAMS)

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European Orbital Launch Services

We are looking for candidates to develop our RAMS capability within our systems engineering team. The role will cover a broad range of activities including ownership of complete work streams to deliver inputs to the system level analysis and licensing activity as well as supporting internal test programs.

The objective of RAMS is to assure that the system meets the performance and safety requirements driven by customers’ specification and regulations and internal policies. In contrast to more prescriptive regulatory frameworks common elsewhere in the aerospace industry, the UK regulatory framework operates a permissioning regime. Consequently operators are required to demonstrate they have reduced the level of risk As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) through the development and implementation of their own safety case. The successful candidate will be comfortable suggesting innovative solutions and processes to demonstrate compliance with the mission assurance requirements that utilize the increased flexibility of the regulatory framework, without compromising safety.

The exact role will be tailored to the successful applicant but the types of responsibilities to be addressed include:

  • Work in close collaboration with design teams to ensure products meet mission assurance requirements.
  • Develop/maintain and implement processes and procedures based on government/industry standards, and best practices to ensure compliance with mission/customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Support departments as necessary on mission assurance processes and procedures, reliability analyses, and risk assessments.
  • Performing all required programme Safety activities required to support the safety argument such as maintaining the safety case for the vehicle operations, safety assessment and analysis, production of safety submission documents.
  • Perform required RAM analyses as system maturity progresses such as FMEA/FMECA (Failure modes and effects analysis / Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis), detailed reliability,
  • Weibull and availability analysis of the launch vehicle and its subsystems to support mission assurance and licence applications.
  • Develop maintainability requirements, including for launch vehicle re-usability.
  • Oversight of vehicle flight safety analysis argument including a quantitative assessment of the risk posed to people and property.
  • Support post-flight system analysis to validate system performance and identify potential corrective actions.

Essential Experience

Degree in a STEM subject.
Significant experience in a relevant (i.e. safety-critical) engineering environment.
Detailed understanding and application of the systems lifecycle.
Application of industry standards (e.g. NASA, SMC, RCC, ECSS) to meet project requirements.

Desirable Experience:

  • Experience within the space industry across all phases of the systems lifecycle.
  • Demonstration of system safety in a safety case regime.
  • Judicious tailoring of industry standards to meet project needs.
  • Experience with Releyence (or similar RAMS software tool)
  • Understanding of key launch vehicle subsystems, e.g. propulsion, structures, mechanisms, avionics, GNC, software.


  • Analytical problem solver with demonstrable ability to apply systems thinking and exceptional attention to detail.
  • Capable of determining the appropriate level of analysis for a given situation
  • Assumes responsibility of the tasks and sees them through.
  • Very good communication skills in both oral and written form, as well as interpersonal communication.
  • Is a team player that sees the collaboration with co-employees as a very important part of creating good result both short and long term.

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