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Planetek Italia is a Benefit Company founded in 1994 which employs over 60 men and women, passionate and competent in Geomatics, Earth sciences and software for space missions. The Planetek group is made up of four companies based in Italy and Greece and is active in the national and international market. Planetek Italia is structured in Strategic Business Units (SBU) focused on different markets: Government & Security, SpaceStream, Business to Business.

Are you able to develop Software, are you motivated by a real passion for technology and able to learn quickly?
You could be the ” Junior Software Developer ” we are looking for.


We provide solutions that leverage the value of geospatial data across all stages of the data lifecycle: ingest, archive, manage, analyze and share. We operate in many fields of application, ranging from environmental and land monitoring, to open-government and smart cities, to solutions for defense and security, engineering and construction, transport, utilities and energy, food resources, up to scientific satellite missions and space exploration.

Our main areas of activity are:

  • Processing of satellite, aerial and drone data for the production of cartography and geographic information;
  • Continuous monitoring services with satellite data of the earth’s surface, infrastructures, areas under construction, urban dynamics or marine-coastal areas to support decision-making and operational activities;
  • Design and development of spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for storing, managing and sharing geospatial data;
  • Design and development of solutions based on geo-location data in real time, through positioning systems, such as GPS/Galileo/GNSS and indoor location systems;
  • Development of software for data and image processing on board satellites and for ground segment infrastructures.

We are also a reseller of Hexagon Geospatial software and a satellite imagery data provider.

We provide application solutions and products for Earth observation with remote sensing data from satellites, aircraft and drones. We develop INSPIRE compliant Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), solutions for Smart Cities and complex decision support systems that exploit geographical information and Earth observation data, according to the new Cloud and Software as a Service paradigms.

Our strong orientation towards innovation has recently given birth to Rheticus® , a cloud platform designed to provide accurate and constantly updated data and information on our changing world. Rheticus® integrates free satellite images, such as Sentinel data, with cartographic bases and ancillary data in open data mode and provides automatic geo-information services for monitoring the evolution of the earth’s surface.

Rheticus® has marked a real change in the business model in geoinformation services and today represents the synthesis of Planetek’s skills and ability to produce services with high added value and of great utility for those who work in the public and private to preserve our Earth and improve the quality of our lives.

What will I do as “Junior Software Developer” in Planetek Italia?
The team you will be part of is focused on software engineering and development and uses AGILE and DEV-ops methodologies. You will collaborate in the development of the Rheticus® platform and in the design and implementation of geographic information systems. Your activities will materialize in the design and development:

  • the persistence of information through the adoption of relational databases (RDBMS);
  • of the back-end services layer (RESTful API) related to the business logic;
  • of the front-end of web applications with particular attention to their usability.


You have a diploma in programming and are preferably enrolled in university faculties such as Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Computer Science.

SW design and development represent your passion, which you continuously feed by training and updating yourself even independently. You like to think and do innovative and different things, you know how to collaborate on project activities in complete compliance with deadlines and with an excellent degree of autonomy and orientation towards problem solving. You are open to learning new things every day quickly, you are communicative and you know how to work with others as a team. Do you also believe that education and respect between people come before any competence; you are professional and reliable.

To be part of our team you need to know:

  • Java and Javascript programming languages;
  • Relational database and SQL language (postgres, mysql)
  • Object Oriented design, design pattern, stile architetturale REST;
  • Agile methodologies, unit tests, code versioning systems and development aspects of the entire software life cycle;
  • The English language fluently.

The knowledge we would prefer you to have in addition are:

  • Python language;
  • Database NoSQL;
  • Web server Apache, NGINX;
  • Spring boot;
  • Angular;
  • Git versioning tool;
  • Docker.

Another important point.
We often lose sight of time because results count more: we need people who work with passion and responsibility, who share our project in order to grow together with us in the awareness that the contribution and commitment of every single person is essential to make a difference.

What we offer you.
We care about the continuous learning of our people and we are willing to provide you with everything that can help you grow: books, workshops, conferences, training. You will be part of a team of colleagues ready to support you when needed and inclined to welcome teammates from all over the world: we will define the salary package with you, after we get to know each other, also evaluating your needs.
If your university studies were still ongoing, we would be available to evaluate a placement with a commitment that would allow you to combine study with work.

We are based in Bari but you can work wherever you want for most of your time.

OK, if you are interested…
Tell us who you are, what you have done so far in your professional life and what you would like to do in the future.
Together with your CV, write to us in a short note answering these two questions:

  • Why would you like to bet on an innovative PMI like ours?
  • What is the added value that you would be able to bring to a reality like ours?

Write to us : if you look like the person we are looking for, we will contact you to meet you and get to know you better.

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