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  • Position: Senior Liquid Rocket Propulsion Development Engineer for MIURA 1 Launch Vehicle.
  • Description: Senior Liquid Rocket Propulsion Development Engineer for MIURA 1 Flight Qualification.
  • Workplace: Elche (Spain).
  • Desired Starting Date: October 1st, 2020
  • Current Vacancies: 1.
  • Contract: Full-time (3-month trial).
  • Position evaluation: Objectives and Key Results (OKR) evaluation, based on individual quarterly, semi-annual and annual meetings.
  • Salary: To be agreed depending on the professional experience and skills.


  • To Participate in the TEPREL-B Liquid Rocket Engine Flight Qualification, including hardware integration, testing and post-hot test data processing.
  • To be part of the engineering decision process of MIURA 1 propulsion subsystem final development, testing and integration.
  • To provide inputs for TEPREL-B liquid rocket engine upgrades and to improve its performance.
  • To contribute and participate in the engineering decision process of MIURA 1 propellant feed system (including piping, valves, sensing, actuators, etc.)
  • To contribute in material characterization, material selection and to generate specification for updates and further developments.
  • To develop test plans for liquid propulsion parts and assemblies.
  • To generate manufacturing and assembly specifications.
  • To contribute in the upgrade PLD Space Propulsion Test Bench software and hardware.
  • To operate Company´s test bench during hot test campaigns.
  • To provide launch and mission operations support.

About TEPREL-B Engine

  • TEPREL-B engine has been developed internally by PLD Space, being the first liquid propellant rocket engine developed by the company.
  • This engine, fed by Kerosene and LOX in a Pressure-fed cycle has been designed to boost MIURA 1 rocket into space.
  • TEPREL-B engine has a Thrust (SL) of 32.3 KN in Sea Level and 39.7 KN in Vacuum conditions.
  • The engine is currently under Flight Qualification Process at PLD Space´s propulsion testing facilities in Teruel (Spain).
  • This engine has been developed with Spanish CDTI support in several R&D projects as well as internal company investment.

Required competences

  • Master´s degree in Aerospace Engineering.
  • Relevant experience in liquid propulsion (+7 years of liquid propulsion experience, design and testing) .
  • +5 years experience in Finite Element Analysis using industry tools such as ANSYS.
  • Excellent use of Siemens NX/Teamcenter, EcosimPro, Matlab and Simulink tools.
  • Relevant experience in manufacturing processes (metal machining): Copper Alloys, Aluminium
  • Alloys and Stainless-steel Alloys, as well as Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).
  • Other relevant experience in manufacturing processes, such as Aluminium and Stainless-steel TIG Welding.
  • Good communications skills, including C1 English Level (both written and oral).
  • Ability and willingness to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Highly motivated and committed to improvement.
  • Ability to represent a workgroup.
  • Ability to work as a part of a team.

Valued competences

  • Use of Labview is desired.
  • Experience with space launch vehicle design.
  • Spanish (both written and oral).
  • Experience working with Spanish Government or National Agencies (NASA, CNES or DLR).
  • Experience working with Institutional Contracts with European Space Agency (ESA).


  • +7 years of liquid propulsion experience, design and testing.

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