Project Lead

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Bradford offers a challenging and diverse working environment with short informal communication lines between all levels of the organization.

Direct Manager:

Program Manager

Description of this Function Classification according Handbook:

  • It concerns acoordinating and functional leadership role, aimed at achieving an optimal progress of various activities (engineering, production, assembly) in mutual connection.
  • Maintains project schedule, coordinates, monitors and drives to achieve timely delivery.
  • Controls the project implementation in accordancetechnical and financial external specifications, converted into(partly self-disposed) budgets and procedures.
  • Frequently coordinates several projects simultaneously.
  • Project teams may change the composition.
  • The functions mainly operating withinthe organization and are not hierarchical leaders.

Context of the function:

The function consists of a considerable variety of tasks amongst which, planning of resources, production and/or tools, calculation of qualitative and quantitative proposals, managing the project administration and evaluating the production and/or program performance on thebasis of factual analysis. Results are presented on a monthly basis as part of a Program Status Review (PSR). The Project Lead is primarily responsible within ECAPS for the execution of commercial, technical, operational and quality policies related to one or more products or programs within the portfolio of ECAPS. The Project Lead is the primary point of contact to the Customer and project/product core team that engineers, designs and produces the products.

Main Tasks:

  • The Project Lead manages and actsas primary point of contact for the core team in order to support the Company’s onTime-onQuality-onCost (oToQoC) philosophy.
  • The Project Lead manages Customer requirements in line with the contractual agreements in terms of Compliance, Risk, Schedule, Quality and Cost (Budget).
  • The Project Lead is for the total duration of one or multiple projects responsible for resource planning, contact with the Customer, definition of the program, quality and profitability in lieu of the oToQoC philosophy.
  • The Project Lead directly supervises the project or product core team according ECAPSprocedures specifically related to the Project Management tools.
  • The Project Lead is pro-actively engaged to continuously improve the overall project performance in line with the KPI’s agreed with the Direct Manager.
  • The Project Lead is the responsible for preparing proposals, involving core team members for specific expertise area’s or volumes.
  • The Project Lead has a close contact with the Program Managerin terms of monthly statusreporting during the Project Status Review.

Secondary tasks:

The Project Lead is up to date in relation to competitor product development & performance: understands market requirements for current & future products and delivers roadmap input.


In order to satisfactorily meet the requirements of this position, the incumbent must possess project management skills and experience in the areas of project planning, project finance and reporting, internal and external communication. Technical experience must be broad enough to understand products involved in, and relative to the quality, cost, design and delivery requirements of high end products.

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