Information-Information System and Process Automation Aura and Content Implementation (Senior Specialist/Manager)

Company Details

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Management Level

  • Manager

Job Description & Summary

  1. Manage the electronic work paper system of the audit department, including Aura, CET, EMW, etc.
  2. Assist the Methodology team to produce and publish the electronic work paper used by the audit department
  3. Con-call with Global regularly, participate in Global related system training courses, and learn about the latest news , Assist in the planning of Taiwan’s import plan
  4. Cooperate with the information department to import/upgrade related systems, including related system testing
  5. Assist colleagues in the audit department to solve system usage problems
  6. Participate in the Methodology team’s various import plans
  • Requires care and patience, can handle tedious system settings
  • Have English communication skills, need to participate in English training courses held abroad, read system English documents, communicate with foreign system processing departments to solve system problems encountered by colleagues in Taiwan
  • Have a basic understanding of system infrastructure
  • Those who have the ability to write VB are better
  • Those with auditing and accounting related background are preferred
  • Ability to communicate in English (TOEIC 600 or above)


  • Degrees/Field of Study preferred:
    • Bachelor Degree – Accounting & Technology

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