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Satellite operator in Qatar that provides service across MENA

Spectrum Manager/Role:

Assist the Spectrum Management Director in Spectrum and Regulatory Engineering matters for QSC’s current and future programs through providing input toward and implementing the orbital and spectrum strategy, interfacing with the spectrum regulators (locally and internationally as needed) and liaising with ITU in order to ensure effective and efficient delivery of QSC services to all its customers and the achievement of the organisations overall strategic objectives. Responsible for daily activities pertaining to spectrum engineering.

Job Description

Budgeting & Cost Control:

• Assist the Spectrum Management Director in the preparation of the spectrum management department budget and generate continuous reports in order to monitor financial performance versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/revenues, areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified and potential

Strategic Spectrum and Orbital Planning:

• Assist in the development of the long-term spectrum strategy for QSC

 Spectrum Analysis:

• Assist the Spectrum Management Director in the process of spectrum analysis to identify potential opportunities for QSC, and coordinate with commercial departments to seek commercial economic and strategic future visibility, while working with the engineering and procurement department to ensure turning the potential opportunity into action and design and get exploited (implementation)

Communication and Networking :

• Interface with the spectrum regulators (locally and internationally) including ITU and conduct the filing activities with ITU and monitor the progress.

• Ensure coordination with other satellite networks through periodic meetings and correspondence.

Regulatory Licenses and Approvals:

• Assist the Spectrum Management Director and Legal department in managing the relations between QSC and the regulatory bodies to obtain the necessary approvals and licenses from the different regions and countries, so it could operate its satellites within the legal framework and be able to have an efficient and effective market access for QSC’s commercial activities.

Tracking tools:

• Develop in-house tracking tools for all correspondence with other administrations and with the ITU

• Keep a track of filling activities and monitor progress. Highlight and plan activities in order to meet the regulatory milestones.

Coordination Agreements and ITU Compliance:

• Ensure QSC’s compliance with the applicable coordination agreements and ITU regulations and recommendations, so that QSC orbital assets and investments are protected, and violations are prevented

• Inform Spectrum Management Director of any deviations in compliance.

Support to other Departments:

• Assist the Spectrum Management Director in providing advice and continuous update to other departments within QSC on the application of the ITU Radio regulations and recommendations and reflect on the implications it would have on the satellite design, so that QSC is in full compliance with the international regulations and optimally placed in protecting its orbital assets and operations from any possible violations.

QSC Representation:

• As needed, represent QSC in spectrum regulatory bodies and agencies, and assist in managing the relationship with QSC’s regulatory consultants, so that frequency and regulatory matters with ictQatar, ITU and other satellite operations are taken seriously, respected and complied with and the maximum efficiency is achieved.

• As needed represent QSC at various workshops, conferences, and in discussions held at National and International forums whenever instructed to participate.


• Under the supervision of the Spectrum Management Director, prepare the technical and regulatory basis in advance of negotiating agreements for regulatory licensing and in order to minimise risk and maximize benefits and meet or exceed QSC user requirements in terms of quality, support, and availability.

• Prepare frequency coordination draft agreements and technical documentations to ITU.

Policies and Procedures:

▪ Recommend improvements to spectrum management policies and implement procedures and controls so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service in line with best practice.

Continuous Improvement:

• Provide inputs and suggestions for the continuous improvement of orbital and spectrum practices taking into account ‘best practice’, changes in international standards and changes in the business environment which demand proactive action plans.

Management Reports:

• Consolidate accurate Management reports to provide timely feedback to the Spectrum Management Director for monitoring the progress of ITU filings and regulatory matters


Minimum Qualifications:

▪ BS Electrical or Telecom Engineering or equivalent degree

▪ In-depth understanding of satellite communications.

▪ Knowledge of satellite designs and limitations

▪ In-depth understanding of satellite link analysis

▪ Working knowledge of satellite analysis tools

▪ In-depth knowledge of ITU Radio Regulations and how they relate to practical satellite design

Minimum Experience:

▪ 5 years or more in a cross functional satellite operations teams preferably with a top tier satellite services provider focusing on implementing long-term spectrum and orbital strategy and filing for licenses and approvals from government and international regulatory bodies.

Job-Specific Skills:

▪ Drafting of frequency coordination agreements

▪ Proficiency in ITU software tools (MSPACE, GIMS, GIBC, etc.)

▪ Understanding of ITU rules and regulations

▪ Understanding of satellite link analysis principals

▪ Knowledge of satellite communications

▪ Excellent organizational skills (tracking correspondence, etc.)

▪ Energetic and self-starter

▪ Task driven and goal oriented

▪ Ability to work in a multicultural environment and willing to frequently travel

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