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The Space Operator roles are the front line satellite controllers ensuring the success of space missions at the Responsive Space Operations Center (RSOC).

Operators will use software, tools, procedures, and techniques to ensure that commands and telemetry are transmitted in accordance with customer mission requirements and payload data is received on time. Daily duties include monitoring the health and welfare of satellites, designing and executing commands, monitoring space traffic and space environment considerations which can affect safety of flight, and working on procedures and tools to support operations.

The Space Operator will be familiar with all phases of flight, from initial planning, considerations of launch, on-orbit, and decommissioning.

In between active space mission operations, the applicant will work on developing the mission operations software, infrastructure and operating procedures based upon their experience in the RSOC. This will involve working on space simulations, backend development and integration with the RSOC.

Due to the secure nature of the work you may be required to perform, you must be an Australian citizen. Non-negotiable. PR and work visas are not able to be hired for this position.


  • Design, execute and review spacecraft commands.
  • Monitor and analyse spacecraft telemetry and health data.
  • Space traffic management operations, and monitoring of the space environment.
  • Space mission design.
  • Developing and reviewing operational procedures
  • Prototyping and extending mission control features to improve operations and develop automation.


This role requires some knowledge of spacecraft systems or transferable experience with mechanical and/or electrical systems. Additional competencies include an understanding of 3D dynamics and python programming. Additional desired skills which will be viewed favourably include: understanding of attitude determination and control; ability to write operational procedures; knowledge of the Linux operating system; embedded systems development (C/C++/D/Rust); satellite specific protocols; telemetry and data exchange; knowledge of radio frequencies and calculating link budgets; developing within a microservice architecture; and experience using git and bitbucket.

Previous experience in the space industry, or an understanding of orbital mechanics is not required but will be viewed favorably. Successful applicants without prior space industry knowledge will be taught the necessary skills on the job.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
  • 6 months experience with space systems engineering OR 3 years technical experience in a mechatronics, mechanical, aeronautical or electrical fields
  • Good communication skills, and the ability to work in a team environment

Eligibility Requirements
Must be an Australian citizen

Desired Characteristics

  • Ability to multitask, react, solve problems and obtain results under pressures of live operations, including under pressure during television production and live broadcasts.
  • Ability to interact with diverse individuals including management, employees, and outside vendors/consultants.
  • Ability to work with remote teams.
  • Must be detail-oriented self-starter
  • Able to multi-task and make effective decisions in a high pressure environment.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to interface with multiple departments, clients and vendors.
  • An objective, data driven, scientific and organisational approach to engineering
  • Conducts self in an appropriate manner and values consistent with Saber Astronautics

How to Apply

All applications need the following information supplied:

  • Cover letter
  • Evidence of Australian Citizenship
  • CV or Resume
  • Portfolio of prior work:
  • Code samples in Python and/or C#/C++ – Required
  • Other projects you have worked on that you believe will strengthen your application
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